Did You Grow Up in A Home With Books?

Eisenbrauns posted a thing on the facebook about books in homes… and it provoked me to respond.  And that provoked me to wonder about other folks and their childhoods and the books in their homes back then.

In my home my parents spent all their money, which wasn’t much anyway, on cigarettes, bowling, and pet food.  So we didn’t have more than half a dozen books in the house and a very old set of Britannica’s that my mother was given by her brother (my uncle).

Half a dozen books was the family library of my childhood.  I guess that’s why I have more.

So, how many books did you have in your childhood home?

4 thoughts on “Did You Grow Up in A Home With Books?

  1. My dad was a book nut, so lots and lots. Less than I had at some periods in the past, though I’ve never had as many as you (I’ve always been happy with library books too). Now, I am owning less and less, why own when I can borrow and share with others? Books one REALLY owns live in ones head and heart, not on shelves!

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  2. My parents always had several bookcases full of books. Even more significant than that, in my opinion, was how they read to us and involved us in reading. Perhaps that is why my favorite place on earth in my childhood was the library. My mother could drop me off at our town library and confidently know that, even as young as 10, I would be happily sitting by a stack of books several hours later. This has benefitted me immeasurably in my adult life.


  3. Both my parents, and my grandmother (who lived with us) had many, many books, and constantly acquired more. And we all loved books, and reading. When I was in kindergarten, my mom had to tell me I couldn’t take “that many books” with me on a trip to visit my aunt – that is, more books than clothes. My brother and I still remember the one. single. Christmas. when no one in the whole family got a book for Christmas. No one knew how it happened, but it was dismal. My parents lived this way their whole lives. After Dad passed away, I took a carload of books to Half Price Books every day for over a month. That’s not counting the paperbacks that had to go to recycling, or the ones I brought home … The experience of finding out how little exchange value old books have has not taught me any lasting lesson, either.


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