Publications By the Late Eilat Mazar: A Guest Post by Amihai Mazar

eilat-mazar-holds-jar-frragment-from-10th-c_credit-ouria-tadmorDr. Eilat Mazar who passed away on May 25 2021, published the results of her vast work in Jerusalem in the private publishing house Shoham Publications. All publication are printed in color and are lavishly illustrated. The following is a list of available publications.

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Final reports 

The Summit of the City of David Excavations 2005-2008, Final Reports Volume 1 (2015, 543 pp., English, ISBN 978-965-7726-00-6, 70$)

(Final report on the excavation below the Northern Tower in the city of David, includes new details on the Stepped Stone Structure and large collection of finds from the Iron Age and Persian periods, including an important collection of inscribed seal impressions on bullae. With the participation of seventeen scholars)

The Ophel Excavations to the South of the Temple Mount 2009-2013. Final Reports Volume 1 (2015, English, 640 pp, ISBN 978-965-7726-01-3, 70$)

(First volume of final report on the excavations in the Ophel. Includes chapters on the Iron Age and Byzantine periods, including the Byzantine gold treasure; with the participation of nineteen scholars)

The Ophel Excavations to the South of the Temple Mount 2009-2013. Final Reports Volume  2 (2018, 393 English, pp, ISBN 978-965-7726-02-0, 70$)

(second  final report on the excavations in the Ophel. Includes chapters Iron Age and Herodian periods, with the participation of twelve scholars)

The Walls of the Temple Mount (2011, two volumes, ISBN 978-965-90299-7-6, 167$).

(detailed survey and history of research of the Temple Mount walls, carried out in collaboration with Y.Shalev, P. Reuven, J. Steinberg  and B. Balogh, two volumes with original photographs and panoramic drawings of the temple mount walls)

Popular publications and preliminary reports

The Monastery of the Virgins (1998, English,  19$)

(popular account of the discovery of houses with depictions of the Menorah south of Robinson’s Arch)

Preliminary Report on The City of David Excavations (2005, 87 pp. 19$)

(first preliminary report on the excavations on the summit of the City of David)

The Palace of King David, Excavations at the Summit of the City of David. Preliminary Report of Seasons  2005-2007 (2011, Hebrew 978-965-90299-4-5, English ISBN 978-965-90229-, 100 pp, 19$)

(second preliminary report on the excavation on the summit of the City of David)

Discovering the Solomonic Wall in Jerusalem (2011, English, 167 pp, ISBN 978-965-90299-69, 36$)

(semi-popular account of the excavation of monumental Iron Age structures in the “Ophel” site)

The Discovery of the Menorah Treasure at the Foot of the Temple Mount (2013, Hebrew or English editions, 94 pp)

(popular account of the outstanding discovery of the  gold treasure with Jewish symbols in the Ophel Hill)

The Seal Impressions of King Hezekiah and Isaiah. Amazing Archaeological Discoveries (2019, English, ISBN  978-965-7726-03-7, 22$)

Popular account of the discovery of Hebrew bullae including the seal impression of King Hezekiah  in the Ophel hill)

Over The Crossroads of Time: Jerusalem’s Temple Mount Monumental Staircases (2020, 220 pp. English, ISBN 978-965-7726-04-4,  36$)

(Study of the architectural history of Robinson Arch, with a new interpretation  based on Benjamin Mazar’s excavations)

Additional monographs by Eilat Mazar

Achziv Phoenician cemeteries: three volumes published in the series Cuadernos de Arqueología Mediterránea, Barcelona in the years 2001, 2004, 2009-2010

Four final reports volumes on the Temple Mount excavations directed by Benjamin Mazar published in Qedem, Monographs of the Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University  of Jerusalem Nos. 29, 43, 46, 52 (available through the  Israel exploration Society  (also available also in JSTOR).

Amihai Mazar