Your Regular Reminder that Doug Wilson is a Heretic

Because he doesn’t teach the message of the Bible, he teaches unbiblical oppression of women and many, many other falsehoods.

Read the essay; the cult behavior of Wilson and his kool-aid drinkers will appall you.  In the midst of it you’ll find

Cigar-puffing and presenting like a Christian philosopher king on YouTube videos, pastor Doug Wilson is a radical provocateur, even among outspoken Christian conservatives, and appears to relish Twitter wars and blog battles. In the 1970s, he became pastor of Christ Church, which is now influential within the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches, a denomination Wilson helped found that includes more than 100 churches nationally. In 2003, 94 ecclesiastical charges were brought against Wilson by his denomination—from improperly using church funds to pay off students’ casino debts to “carnal threatening” of others—but the charges were ultimately dropped. Last year, Wilson published a novel called Ride, Sally, Ride about a Christian man who runs his neighbor’s sexbot “wife” named Sally through a trash compactor, and YouTube recently removed Wilson’s video making a moral argument for fake vaccine passports.

He is an evil heretic.  If you are in his cult, get out.

1 thought on “Your Regular Reminder that Doug Wilson is a Heretic

  1. Wilson’s regarding the coverage as good publicity and shilling the 2nd edition of A Justice Primer (the presumably de-plagiarized edition). It’s a point that has not come up quite as much in the Christianity Today podcast on The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill as it could have but Doug Wilson’s work was, by Mark Driscoll’s own account, formative in influencing his views on gender, sexuality and marriage. Driscoll could be thought of as the Wilsonisms-on-steroids variation of Wilson’s ideas, minus the postmillenialism (which Driscoll thought was thoroughly stupid so, eh, I grant him being right about that one specific thing).


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