A Fun Fact About Rudolf Bultmann

According to his biographer, Konrad Hammann, Bultmann either sent or received around 20,000 pieces of correspondence over the course of his career!

That’s a lot of mail!  And none of it was electronic!!!!

3 thoughts on “A Fun Fact About Rudolf Bultmann

  1. In reality, the great man Rudolf Bultmann.. he no doubt did not sit much in front of the TV box, or as I call it, ‘the one eyed demon’..lol. In some ways, his – the bare fact of Christ crucified is quite enough for real faith. Or as Luther, a Crucified God. Bultmann at Marburg, was always something Lutheran yes?


  2. I was reflecting on pre-tech writing the other day. One of the profs was sharing their experience writing their thesis back in the days of typewriters. Thinking about how much editing I do I can’t imagine having to do this by hand.

    Colour me impressed.


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