1 thought on “Reason 8,099,946 That Most People Shouldn’t be Allowed Near the Bible

  1. There are also extreme left wing groups in America today using the Bible to promote a social revolution, which includes an armed revolt. Of course CNN has no interest in reporting these groups and the FBI casts a blind eye on them. In Brazil, more specifically, I grew up with these two groups: the TFP – Tradition Family and Property – on the extreme right, and the Liberation Theology on the left both preaching a revolution. The former believes (as much as they deny) in the return of the rule of the Pope (that’s what they call TRADITION, and the rule of Mary – our beloved grandmother – after all she’s the mother of God and I am a son of God.
    The latter makes Jesus the messenger boy for Karl Marx and they, at least, will not deny it. I have first hand experience on these two groups growing up with many of them sitting in the school desk next to me (yes I went to school… some). Both are originated within the Roman Catholic Church and use the Bible to justify their methods. I am not kidding when I say that I want all these groups that use the Bible to foster their “theology” to fight, as they are extremes, each other, so ferociously that they render themselves extinct!
    Not to extend my argument, I have reason enough to believe that these groups originated the PROSPERITY GOSPEL – right wing – and the SOCIAL GOSPEL – left wing, which are two sides of the same DEMONIC coin which perverts the Gospel seeking resolve humanity problems with materialistic means: opulence in one side and cradle-to-grave government control of the economy on the other. The Gospel is neither!
    Brevity is not a spiritual gift!


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