Josh Duggar Wants to be Released From Jail So He Can Return to his Wife and Children…

And he’s accused of child pornography.

Former conservative activist and “19 Kids and Counting” star Josh Duggar, who was indicted last week on child pornography offenses, asked a federal judge on Tuesday to send him back home to his wife and six children.

“Duggar is requesting that this court permit him to return home to his immediate family during the pendency of this case,” Duggar’s lawyer Justin K. Gelfand wrote in a nine-page brief. “The residents of his home are his wife (who is pregnant) and their six children.”

Duggar’s indictment charges him with receiving and possessing material depicting the sexual abuse of children. Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Erin Wiedemann said during a hearing on Friday that if she did release Duggar, she would likely require a third-party custodian in light of the charges against him.

If he’s released it’s just another example of the American injustice system at work.  He needs to remain in jail until he’s sent to prison and then he needs to remain there until he dies and goes to his eternal prison.