Melanchthon’s View of the Supper

Melanchthon rejects the idea that “the bread is substantially the body of Christ,” as well as that “the bread is the true body of Christ.” Instead, he claims that the bread is “united with” (consociatio cum) the body of Christ, and only “in the use” and “not without cognition,” not in such a way that it could be eaten by mice. He rejects the idea that the body is “in the bread or in the species of the bread, as if the true sacrament was instituted for the sake of the bread and the Papist adoration.” —  Bjorn Hovda

#Bam.  This is Calvin’s view as well as Zwingli’s.  Melanchthon always did have more sense than Luther (who was, to be fair, always a Roman Catholic… after 1520 just without a Pope).