Shameless: The Poverty of Sin in the Absence of God

Super analysis.

Pop Culture and Theology

By Andrew D. Thrasher

Shameless. Such an apt title. Running eleven seasons spanning over ten years, Shameless has captured aptly the habitus of American poverty. It is marked by systemic poverty and the struggle to survive. It is marked by manipulation of the system, the brokenness of love, and the habitual dispositions of sin. Shameless captures the habitus of sin in enlightening ways. It highlights, through vulgar and cringe-worthy moments, ways of living that reflect the shamefulness of sin as it follows the life of the Gallagher family. It is precisely in the cringe that we see the shamefulness of shamelessness. It is in the cringe that we can observe how sin functions in the habitus of fallen love and systemic poverty. And yet, we also see this shame and sin in the absence of God and the irrelevance of religion. So, what can Shameless tell us about religion?…

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