Free: A New Book Edited by Avraham Faust

Faust, A. (ed.), 2020, Archaeology and Ancient Israelite Religion, Basel: MDPI (260 pp.).

This is a book version of a special issue of Religions. The e-book can be downloaded for free using the following link: (where the printed version can be purchased).

  • Yosef Garfinkel and Madelein Mumcuoglu, The Temple of Solomon in Iron Age Context
  • Avraham Faust, Israelite Temples: Where Was Israelite Cult Not Practiced, and Why
  • William G. Dever, Archaeology and Folk or Family Religion in Ancient Israel
  • Beth Alpert Nakhai, Women in Israelite Religion: The State of Research Is All New Research
  • Jonathan S. Greer, The Zooarchaeology of Israelite Religion: Methods and Practice
  • Zev Farber, Israelite Festivals: From Cyclical Time Celebrations to Linear Time Commemorations
  • Jeremy Smoak and William Schniedewind, Religion at Kuntillet ʿAjrud
  • Irit Ziffer, Moon, Rain, Womb, Mercy The Imagery of the Shrine Model from Tell el-Far‛ah North—(Biblical Tirzah)
  • Aaron Greener, Archaeology and Religion in Late Bronze Age Canaan
  • David Ben-Shlomo, Philistine Cult and Religion According to Archaeological Evidence
  • Margreet L. Steiner, Iron Age Cultic Sites in Transjordan
  • Craig W. Tyson, The Religion of the Ammonites: A Specimen of Levantine Religion from the Iron Age II (ca. 1000–500 BCE)

2 thoughts on “Free: A New Book Edited by Avraham Faust

  1. Dennis Craig Baugh 14 Jan 2021 at 4:06 pm Reply

    Thanks, Jim. Also, I wanted to ask you if you saw an earlier AWOL post that had Eve Marie Becker’s commentary on Philippians for free download:
    Portions of this commentary are in English. Take a look


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