No, They Haven’t Found the Nail Used in Jesus’ Crucifixion

And no, they won’t.  Ever.  Know why?  Because there’s NO WAY to demonstrate the claim.  No. Way.  But there’s one thing that you can be sure of, and that is that garbage archaeological claims will always me made around Christmas and Easter because that’s when gullible people are most prone to accept garbage science and history.

Christian relics, including a nail that is claimed to have been used in Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, have been discovered in a secret chamber at a monastery.

Archaeologists who are currently working in the Milevsko monastery in the Czech Republic has unearthed a six-inch-long nail that was placed inside a box which has 21-karat gold cross on the front and is said to date back to between 260 and 416 AD.

The box has an inscription which translates to ‘Jesus is King’.

Experts say they are unable to confirm if the nail was used for the crucifixion, but have said its discovery is ‘even greater than the reliquary of St. Maurus’.

Those not in the know about Christian relic discoveries, the Maurus Reliquary is a gold box that contains fragments on the bodies of Saint maurus, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Timothy – so it’s a big deal.

Speaking to Czech News Agency (ČTK), Jiří Šindelář, who took part in the discovery, said: “Because the Hussites destroyed the archive, there was no information that such a thing was here.”

But experts told ČTK it’s ‘realistic’ that a nail from Jesus’ crucifixion could have ended up at the Milev Monastery, which was ‘one of the richest institutions in Czech Republic’.