Kurze Grammatik des Biblischen Hebräisch

Diese kurze Grammatik führt systematisch in die Schrift- und Lautlehre sowie die Formen- und Satzlehre des Biblischen Hebräisch ein. Zahlreiche Schautafeln und Paradigmen erschließen die hebräische Sprache des Alten Testaments übersichtlich. Merksätze helfen, auch das scheinbar Komplizierte zu verstehen und zu behalten. Die Grammatik will als Referenzgrammatik und Nachschlagewerk beim Hebräischstudium an Schule oder Hochschule dienen, ebenso bei der Repetition und Erarbeitung hebräischer Texte.

A review copy appeared in the mail last month. 

The preface and the table of contents are available at the link above under ‘Leseprobe’.  This being the 5th edition of this basic grammar, many may already be familiar with it.  For those who have not worked with earlier editions, the volume is a simple, direct, straightforward, unencumbered by non-necessities examination of the basics of the Hebrew language.

Each section is just a few pages long.  So, for instance, the discussion concerning the alphabet covers just 2 pages.  Vocalization is covered in one page.  Accents are described in one page and ketib and qere are handled in 1 page.

Once the basics are addressed in part one, part two works through thinks like the article, prepositions, negation, and like matters.

The third part of the book looks at the verbal system and the fourth part looks at the basics of the sentence.

This is a really fantastic book.  Anyone wishing to learn the Hebrew language would benefit greatly from making use of this little volume.  It is not as extensive as Weingreen and it certainly doesn’t approach matters as Seow does.  Nor, of course, is it as thorough as Gesenius, it works.  It teaches the basics.  It informs without overwhelming.

And therein lies its greatest strength.  Having taught Hebrew and Greek for a number of years now I have to say that many students are simply overwhelmed by the amount of details they are asked to learn in their first two semesters of language studies.  To be sure, all those things must be learned.  But a far better approach is, in my mind, to do the basics the first year and then go into more detail the second.  Elementary grammar should be just that, elementary.  Trying to do too much causes students to despair.

This volume, on the other hand, does not overwhelm.  It is the perfect size, like Goldilocks porridge; it is neither too cold nor too hot.  It is just right.

I heartily recommend it.