The Great Apostasy

When the American Church abandoned all talk of sin, death, and hell it signed its own death warrant.

Without those core realities, as understood so well by Christian theology until the Enlightenment, the Church was transformed into nothing more than a social club like the Lion’s Club or the Rotarians.

Without those core truths, Christianity has nothing unique or special to offer men and women who are now convinced that the worst thing they can be is merely ‘unkind’ rather than damned and depraved.

The false gospel of fluffy bunny love whereby the ethical positivism of people like Norman Vincent Peale has taken the place of the Gospel of the Cross and the purging fire of authentic redemptive love. And as a consequence, sin reigns in human hearts.

The false has replaced the true and damnation awaits.

All because the Church thought that it must change to please the world instead of refusing to do so and standing firm against the secularizing impulses of the tares pretending to be wheat.

To be sure, authentic Christianity will survive. But its adherents will be few in number.