Biblical Studies Carnival 174 for August 2020

Super job.

Reading Acts

August is always a slow month for the Bibliblog community. University professors struggle with the tail end of summer combined with the sudden realization they really should think about prepping syllabi for the fall. This year, a healthy helping of ever-changing COVID-19 policies made planning for the fall quite an adventure.

I have already taught an August intensive class face-to-face. Sort of. Everyone wore masks at sat six feet apart, half my class was in another room watching via Google Hangouts, and I lectured from behind a plex-glass shield. Sadly, it was not bullet proof, but it did save students from encountering in the diseased contents of my lungs. But the fact it is September 1 and I am teaching real live students in a classroom is something of an improvement over March 15.

University of Zoom Meme

In biblio-blogging news, Brent Niedergall is hosting the next carnival, and Bobby Howell will do November…

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