When You Have COVID-19 Symptoms, and You’re Told to Stay Isolated at Home, But You Go to a Party Anyway…

You may be a selfish person who cares nothing for the well being of others. Like this guy in New Hampshire.

One confirmed case was announced Monday, March 2. The unidentified patient is an adult from Grafton County, officials said. Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health President Joanne Conroy confirmed the patient is an employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Officials said the patient is not sick enough to be hospitalized and is currently isolated at home. State epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan said the patient experienced mild symptoms of the virus after returning from a trip to Italy, where more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 have been identified.

Health officials said the patient attended an invitation-only event Friday, Feb. 28, before the diagnosis, despite being told to self-isolate. An official order of isolation was then issued under a state law that allows health officials to order isolation or quarantine measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

If you’re sick, call your doctor, describe your symptoms, and just stay home.

“If you develop symptoms, don’t go to the doctor and infect everybody else in the waiting room,” he explained. “Call them up and they’ll tell you what to do, and in the meantime, kind of remove yourself from family and work. Stay at home.”

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