Annoy Calvin, Go To Prison

calvin_chairAn interesting tidbit from Calvin’s life is related by his lovestruck biographer Stebbing, who wrote

Calvin sometimes used very strong language towards those before him [in proceedings before the consistory], calling them hypocrites, and that they returned the abuse, a conduct which he did not leave unpunished. On such occasions he would rise indignantly from his seat, command attention, and require the consistory to give the matter over to the council, that the offence might be punished as it deserved.  As soon as the consistory entertained a suspicion against any one, it referred to the council, who ordered the accused to prison.*

In case you missed it in Stebbing’s flowery prose- When folk disagreed with Calvin and spoke abusively, he would report them to the city government which would then summarily send the offender off to prison. How awesome is that.  Those were the good old days.

*The Life and Times of John Calvin, the Great Reformer (Vol. 1, p. 447).

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  1. HAT says:

    And there, in a nutshell, is what makes people say “theocracy” like it’s a bad thing.


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