David Bentley Hart: Theological Deceiver

Of Hart’s grotesque misrepresentations of St Basil in his universalistic word vomit ‘That all Shall Be Saved’, this reviewer opines

“You can get a good sense of how deceitful this book is by noting that its author has somehow twisted St. Basil’s warnings against the Devil’s trickery into—what Basil himself would call—support for the Devil and his purposes.” It really is a masterful bit of trickery.

Deception really.  And why would a theologian become a fraud?  A deceiver?  Money.  Fame.  Public attention.

The only way Hart can think of upping his public profile is to jump on the ‘I hate Christian orthodoxy so much that I’ve decided I’m a universalist’ bandwagon along with Rob Bell and other heretics.

Word vomit doesn’t make for good theology.  And neither does hatred of faith.  But those things do make for a good deveiver.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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  1. Addison Hodges Hart says:

    Go ahead and moderate this, but you might want to include … Pakaluk’s “review” — if you have the guts or the humility to do it. I’m betting that you don’t.


    • Jim says:

      aww bless your heart. you think you can manipulate me with 5th grade tactics. guess what. you’re wrong. i post what i want and edit what i want and if you don’t like it, i don’t care.


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