BAR Warmed Over

BAR republished a piece yesterday that was first published several years back about ‘children’ in Ancient Israel.  Apparently when it first appeared it wasn’t as well received as one might imagine.  One commentator observed back in October of 2018

This piece is quite limited and amateurish. There is a huge body of commentary and interpretations that the author has totally ignored. Just because it was written one way does not excuse slovenliness in researching how the various statements were actually carried out and how that changed over time and generations. Imposing one’s own interpretation based on modern interpretations of mistranslations or worse yet not understanding the biblical language in context and in literary styles of the time only leads to the publishing of pieces like this one which should not be published in any serious venue. almost Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Adele.

I guess the decision to warm it over and toss it out again means BAR is running out of new material.  People eventually grow tired of ‘limited and amateurish’ pieces I suppose.