Color Me Totally Unsurprised

Mississippi’s former welfare director, four colleagues and a former pro wrestler have been charged with carrying out a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scheme to siphon public money from needy families for their own personal use — from business investments to a luxury rehab stay in California.

Special agents from the Office of the State Auditor arrested John Davis, who is the former head of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, and the others on Wednesday.

The six are accused of working together to misappropriate funds and falsify records, and they are now under indictment for a range of charges related to fraud and embezzlement.

“If convicted on all counts, the accused face hundreds of years in prison,” State Auditor Shad White said in a news release about the arrests. His office did not specify the exact charges in the case.

White’s office says it’s still determining how many millions of dollars were diverted. But it adds that the loss to the state and its neediest citizens already surpasses any embezzlement scheme in at least the past 20 years — the span in which it normally retains case records.

Dishonest public officials????  Color me totally unsurprised.  Greed is the driving force of American society.

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