Biblical Studies Carnival 168 for January 2020

Wow, it looks like this is a fantastic Carnival!

Reading Acts

Jim West shows everyone how to write a Biblical Studies Carnival with his January 2020 carnival. Jim has been blogging since Zwingli was a young pastor of the Grossmünster. His carnival is “fully stocked, cleverly curated, and vividly presented.” It really is a good carnival, so Carnival Rookies take note.Great links, some humor, and he used a pic of one of my students doing archaeology.

Jim West's Major Award

One unique feature to this month’s carnival is a section on “Tweets and Tweeters.” Like a certain world leader, Jim uses Twitter quite a bit and has a few interesting threads and tweets. Think of this as a list of people to follow on Twitter. If you do not twitter, then this paragraph made no sense whatsoever.

Bob MacDonald is hosting the February carnival (due March 1) and newcomer Brent Niedergall hosts in March 2020 (Due April 1). I am looking for volunteers for the…

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