Biblical Studies Carnival #167: December 2019

Nice work on the December Carnival! (But it’s ‘Zwinglius Redivivus’ – but I forgive you….)

Give the collection a read!

Scribes of the Kingdom

bruegel.jpgWelcome to the Biblical Studies Carnival and happy new year! I have the privilege of rounding up some of my favorite Bible-related posts and publications from the month of December. Although it took some work, the hosting the Carnival makes me appreciate all the more the blood, sweat, and tears that go into continuing the online conversation about the Bible. 

So with no further ado, I hope I’ve found something for everyone!

Christmas & Hanukkah

Despite the business of December, many had opportunity to contemplate the meaning(s) of the season.  

At Amy Jill Levine guides us through the nativity accounts (i.e. “Jewish stories told by Jews”): The Jewish Origin-s of the Christmas Story

Over at Psephizo Ian Paul has a number of insightful Christmas-related posts: What does Joseph add to the story of Jesus’ origins in Matthew 1? and When was Jesus really born? (spoiler: not in…

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