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West Virginia’s Neo-Nazi Prison Guards and Their Despicable Salute

They need to have their names released and their photo cleared up so they can be seen. The public deserves to know the racists in public employment.

West Virginia officials have announced that three individuals have been fired and 34 others have been suspended without pay as a result of an investigation into a photo of corrections trainees giving the Nazi salute. However, the governor’s office and the agency in charge of the state’s corrections’ program isn’t yet releasing the identities of those involved or the original photo in question

They need to.

The GOP Gave us Roe v Wade

Never forget-

A 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, legalized abortion by a 7-2 vote. Six of the seven justices in the majority were Republican appointees. The only Democrat appointee, Byron White, voted against Roe v. Wade.

In fact, in every year since 1969, the United States Supreme Court has been controlled by a majority of Republican-appointed judges. There has not been a Democrat-appointed Chief Justice since 1953.

When people tell you that they voted for Trump and still support him because he will appoint judges to overturn Roe v Wade, remind them that the GOP’s appointees gave us Roe v Wade in the first place.

The SOTS Winter Meeting, 2020…

Begins just one month from today. I’m very much looking forward to it although the last time it was in Nottingham I had the flu and ended up missing almost every session. And when I returned home I ended up in the hospital for half a week.

Let’s hope that doesn’t repeat itself this time.

I’ll keep you up to date on all the doings. And of course there will be pictures aplenty.

But if you do also happen to attend, say hi!

When You Feel About Your Work Like Calvin Felt About His…

You express it this way-

IF the reading of these my COMMENTARIES confer as much benefit on the Church of God as I myself have reaped advantage from the composition of them, I shall have no reason to regret that I have undertaken this work. — John Calvin, Commentary on the Book of Psalms, vol. 1, xxxv.

Amen.  And speaking of commentaries

Newman University, 2020

The Rosa Parks Exhibit at the Library of Congress

I hope to be able to visit this exhibition in mid 2020 when the CBA meets in Washington.  If you can make it to the exhibit, please let me know what you think of it.

The Real St Nick, Again


My Favorite Image of St Nicholas

Because it captures his rage (against heretics) so nicely-

Fun Facts From Church History: Zwingli Was a Better Preacher Than Luther or Calvin

Eyewitnesses to Zwingli’s sermons were always incredibly impressed.  For instance-

Caspar Hedio, subsequently the Reformer of Strassburg, who wrote from Basel to Zwingli on November 6, 1519 (vii., 89), in the following very complimentary terms respecting a sermon he heard him preach at Einsiedeln at Pentecost, apparently of that year, 1519, from Luke, 5:17–26, the story of the paralytic:

“I was greatly charmed by an address of yours, so elegant, learned, and weighty, fluent, discerning, and evangelical, such a one as plainly recalled the energy of the old theologians.… That address, I say, so inflamed me that I began at once to feel a deep affection for Zwingli, to respect and admire him.”*

Other hearers also gushed compliments. There’s little doubt that Zwingli’s success as a Reformer was in no small part based in his success as a brilliant preacher. The best, I suspect, of all the Reformers (since no one seems to have felt as strongly about either Luther’s preaching or Calvin’s).

*Samuel Macauley Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531), Heroes of the Reformation (New York; London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons; Knickerbocker Press, 1901).

Nominate a Book for the 2021 Melanchthon Prize

Die Melanchthonstadt Bretten verleiht am 20. Februar 2021 zum 12. Mal den Internationalen Melanchthonpreis der Stadt Bretten. Die Bewerbungsphase hat begonnen. Preiswürdig ist ein im Druck erschienenes Werk, das in hervorragender Weise dazu beiträgt, die Kenntnis über Melanchthons Leben und Werk oder die geistesgeschichtlichen Voraussetzungen, das Umfeld und die Folgen seines Wirkens zu vertiefen.

Der “Internationale Melanchthonpreis” ist mit 7.500 Euro dotiert und wird seit 1988 alle drei Jahre von der Stadt Bretten verliehen. Vorschläge mit Begründung können bis 1. Mai.2020 bei der Europäischen Melanchthon-Akademie Bretten eingereicht werden. Über die Vorschläge entscheidet im Auftrag der Melanchthonstadt Bretten eine internationale Findungskommission.

Weitere Informationen sind zu erhalten bei der Europäischen Melanchthon-Akademie Bretten, Prof. Dr. phil. Günter Frank, Melanchthonstraße 1-3, 75015 Bretten, Tel. 07252/9441-0, E-Mail: info@melanchthon.com

Via Refo500.