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The Media Has Ignored Larry Hurtado’s Death, But Not the Cat With the Weird Tongue’s…

This is why I despise the media. When someone genuinely important dies they’re silent but if some jock or actor or entertainer or other bunyan on the rump of society dies the media falls all over itself telling us about it.

And why? Because Americans are stupid and would rather lament a stupid cat or gorilla or lion or jock or actress that never did a thing to add to the store of human knowledge.

It’s sickening.

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Our Own Little Götterdämmerung

Iran, Russia & China will hold joint naval exercises in the Indian Ocean on Dec 22-Jan 20. It’s been long promised; now there’s a date. A potential challenge to the U.S. & a big boost for Iran.

Via Liz Sly.

It’s the twilight of American power and influence.  It’s our own little Götterdämmerung.

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Congratulations to Kristin De Troyer

She has been elected as member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts !!!!!  And it’s a well deserved honor!   Congratulations, Professor!

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Sad News: Johann Baptist Metz has Died

Via Ulrich Lehner

R.I.P., Johann Baptist Metz – one of the greatest (Bavarian) theologians. “We must learn to accept ourselves in the painful experiment of living. We must embrace the spiritual adventure of becoming human, moving through the many stages that lie between birth and death.”

He was a fantastic theologian and his work extremely influential in Catholic circles.  Many a paper at CBA mentioned him over the years.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

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Someone Needs to Get Mr Naked Pastor a Bible

Because either Mr Naked Pastor doesn’t actually own a Bible or he hasn’t read it. Because the Bible mentions (and not just barely), and these are just off the top of my head, a number of important women who weren’t, in fact, ‘silenced’ or ‘erased’ or whatever his comic is attempting to wrongly imply.

Cf, for instance, Romans 16:1 where Phoebe the deaconess is named (or maybe Mr Naked just can’t read Greek) and Luke 8:1-3 where women followers and supporters are specifically mentioned.

If you need more, just consult Paul’s several letter greetings where men and women are mentioned- because men and women had important roles in the early Church.  This is historically indisputable.  Or take a look at Acts and the incredibly important role played by Priscilla and Aquila.  And numerous other instances of the important role of women.  Not to mention the Old Testament portrayal of Deborah or Jael or Jezebel or Huldah.  Etc.

Sure, it sounds fun when various people blather and bang on about how the New Testament marginalizes women.  I suppose they gain points for it in their echo chamber.  But anyone who knows anything about Scripture knows their complaints are utter rubbish.

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Dear ‘Mystics’ and Fans of ‘Christian’ Mysticism

Read this book by Emil Brunner:


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It’s Time to Get a Devotional Guide In Time for the New Year

Zwingli and Bullinger have a recommendation for you:

ZwingliBullingerDevotionalBook2We love this book. Love it. LOVE IT. Never in the history of Christianity has a book so profound been made available to the masses for a price so reasonable. Reading it is a theological education in a single volume which contains everything necessary for both salvation and proper doctrine.

Were we more excited about it we would resemble tiny puppies laying on their backs getting their bellies rubbed and wetting themselves. That’s how excited we are about this book. – H.B., H.Z.

Wow. I’m super humbled and super honored. First a video recommendation a few months back and now this (again). I just don’t know what to say.

The book is available from the publisher via print on demand, here

Or send me $5 via paypal and I’ll send you the PDF version.

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While Luther Played With the Kids, Melanchthon Taught One of them To Shoot His Crossbow at the Christmas Tree…

Ah, Christian art… you have to love it… or not.


That kid is going to put someone’s eye out.  Hey Philipp, we don’t shoot our crossbows in the house!

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When You Tell People About Your ‘Podcast’…

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Quote of the Month

“Clergy should read books, or else accept the only logical alternative, which is to promise never to preach again” — Dr David Edwards

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More on the Zwingli to Zurich Backstory

Published by Diesseits.

Am Anfang war das Wort – ein wütendes Wort: «Ich lasse meinem Ärger […] bei dir, meinem verschwiegendsten Freund, freien Lauf.» So schreibt Ulrich Zwingli am 2. Dezember 1518 an Myconius nach Zürich. Oswald Geisshüsler alias Myconius tunkt tags darauf die Feder in die Tinte, um schleunigst auf das eben erhaltene Schreiben zu antworten. Ein Brief, der uns wie nur wenige Schriftstücke von Zwinglis Hand einen Blick auf einen sehr temperamentvollen und zusammen mit zwei anderen darauf folgenden Briefen auf einen sehr leidenschaftlichen Mann und nachmaligen Reformator erlaubt.

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Zwinglis Erbe

You can watch it on Amazon if you want to, with English subtitles.   With thanks to Hywel Clifford for the heads up.

I can’t vouch for it, because I’ve not seen it. So the risk is all on you. 😉

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A Bit of the Backstory to Zwingli’s Call to Zurich

ulrich-zwingli-briefmarkeStrong as was the sentiment in Zurich in favor of Zwingli, there were not wanting those who from the start opposed his election. A personality so aggressive could not fail to make enemies. Many hated him because of his views on the subject of foreign pensions; others whose sympathies were thoroughly Roman suspected his loyalty to the Church, and caught a faint vision of what his coming to Zurich would mean. The opposition, though bitter and determined, because of the fewness of their numbers despaired from the start of accomplishing anything.

As soon as it was known that Zwingli was under consideration several candidates were put forward for the place, and among them one Lawrence Fable, who preached a sermon in the Great Minster, and of whom the report was circulated that he had been chosen. Zwingli at first was inclined to credit the report. Hitherto he had appeared quite indifferent to what was occurring at Zurich. The knowledge that unworthy persons were seeking to supplant him seems to have acted as a stimulus. At any rate, he now became interested to the extent of writing to Myconius in regard to his prospects.

In a letter under date of December 2, 1518, assuming the truthfulness of the report with respect to Fable, he says, “Well! I know the significance of popular applause. A Swabian preferred to a Swiss! Truly, a prophet is without honor in his own country.” Myconius in reply the next day removes his false apprehension. “Fable will remain a fable; for they have learned that he is father of six boys and holds I know not how many livings.”

He then proceeds to assure him of the number and strength of his friends, and of his own unceasing activity in his behalf. He does not conceal from him the doings of his enemies, and mentions certain charges that were being circulated against his character. “Although there is no one,” he says, “but praises your teachings to the skies, there are certain to whom your natural aptitude for music appears to be a sin, and thence infer that you are impure and worldly.”

Again, he assures him that he has great reason to hope. “It is right that you should take courage and not despair. Even the canons who are opposed to you predict to themselves that you will be the next preacher.” He closes with the exhortation, “Hope on, for I hope.”

The election took place on the 11th of December, 1518, and Zwingli was chosen by a large majority. This event caused great rejoicing among his friends, except those at Einsiedeln, for whom it was a matter of the keenest regret. The administrator of the Abbey, Baron Geroldseck, whose relationship with Zwingli had ripened into the warmest of friendships, was especially affected. Even the council of the canton were impressed to the extent of transmitting to Zwingli a letter of regret couched in the most respectful terms.1

1Simpson, S. Life of Ulrich Zwingli: The Swiss Patriot and Reformer (pp. 71–73).

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