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Marketing Your ‘Christian’ Book

There’s only one rule to know if you wish to gain fame and fortune as a ‘Christian’ author:  heresy sells.  The more heretical you are the more books you’ll sell and the more famous you’ll become.  Just ask Rob Bell, … Continue reading

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The minute your political ideology becomes more important to you than your Christian faith and practice, you have become an idolater.

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American Politicians: An Observation

Our politicians are God’s punishment for our national sins.  They are the plague upon the land, the locust swarm, the flies, the mildew, the stench of the swamp, the darkness, the sickness, the malignancy which will being this country to … Continue reading

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Archaeology, Heritage and Ethics in the Western Wall Plaza, Jerusalem: Darkness at the End of the Tunnel

Raz Kletter’s new work in the Copenhagen International Seminar series is out. This volume is a critical study of recent archaeology in the Western Wall Plaza area, Jerusalem. Considered one of the holiest places on Earth for Jews and Muslims, … Continue reading

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Divine Sovereignty: An Observation

All the handwringing among Christians of late only means one thing: the notion of divine sovereignty is dead in many quarters of the Christian Church.

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Sad News: Sallie McFague Has Died

Vancouver School of Theology announces with deep sadness the passing of Dr. Sallie McFague today [November 15] in Vancouver, BC. Sallie was Distinguished Theologian in Residence at VST since 2000 and the author of many books and articles in theology. … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Reasons Christians Should Be At Worship On Sunday

1- Scripture admonishes us not to ‘forsake the assembly’ (Heb 10:25) 2- No other reason is necessary, is it? 3- No other reason is necessary, is it? 4- No other reason is necessary, is it? 5- No other reason is … Continue reading

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Zwingli on the Source of War: Atheism

In 1522, on May 16th to be precise, Zwingli published his ‘anti-war’ book Ein göttlich vermanung an die ersamen, wysen, eerenvesten, eltisten Eydgnossen zü Schwytz, das sy sich vor frömden herren hütind und entladind, Huldrichi Zwinglii, einvaltigen verkünders des euangelii Christi … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

There have come forward in our day those who have said that a symbolical meaning is to be found in the word “This.” I commend their faith, if only it is not counterfeit. For God seeth the heart, we poor … Continue reading

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