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Diary of an Intensive 密集神學課手記

Originally posted on HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College eNews:
Bachelor of Theology student Timothy Chan shares his experience of Dr Jim West’s week-long Introduction to New Testament Studies intensive. Diary of an Intensive Monday? I decided to do the intensive…

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America Has Lost its Mind

Three proofs.

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Today’s GOP…

‪… sure has different ‘family values’ than the GOP I grew up with….‬ The Tennessee House speaker said Wednesday his GOP supermajority won’t pursue a vote to expel a lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct decades ago, citing a state attorney … Continue reading

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Divine Justice

Veneto regional council, which is located on Venice’s Grand Canal, was flooded for the first time in its history on Tuesday night — just after it rejected measures to combat climate change.  The historic Italian city has been brought to … Continue reading

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Which Photo Shows Survivors and Which The End of their Gene Pool?

Via Helen *The Mauler* Ingram

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Dear Hong Kong

Please regain peace. You must find a way. Be the man standing in front of the tank, peacefully, and not the man throwing firebombs. The first path will win you worldwide support, the second, worldwide disdain. Choose peace. Choose life.

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Another Day, Another School Shooting

At least six people were injured during a shooting at a Southern California high school Thursday morning, authorities said. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said on Twitter that deputies responded to Saugus High School in the city of Santa … Continue reading

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There’s Never a Day in America When a Pedophile Isn’t Arrested

Visit the Department of Justice’s ‘Project Safe Childhood’ page and scroll through the justice news section.  It’s simply appalling that so many in this country are involved in such perversity.  And these are just the ones caught and who make … Continue reading

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The Challenge of History: Readings in Modern Theology

The advent of the modern, historical, and critical methods of reading Scripture is one of the most significant events in the last five hundred years of Christian history and theology. New questions arose in the course of that history that … Continue reading

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Martin Luther Was Right About The Evil in the World

What he said nearly 500 years ago is just as true today: When we were children, nothing disturbed us; we ourselves did indeed lead a more peaceful life, but the world has always been the same. To be sure, it … Continue reading

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A Meme I Like

You’ve doubtless seen this meme around.  This is my favorite.  With thanks to Tim *Morgan* Bertolet for the tip-

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As You Travel to #SBL2019 Remember, USB Charging Ports Can Be Infected With Malware…

No joke.  If you travel and use those convenient airport usb charging ports, you may find your phone hijacked. You may want to think twice before using one of those handy USB charging stations that are so common in airports. … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Regula Zwingli’s Death

Regula, the eldest daughter [of Huldrych Zwingli], born in 1525, who is said to have been the image of her mother, married on August 3, 1541, when in her seventeenth year, Bullinger’s foster-son, Rudolf Gualther, a brilliant man, born in … Continue reading

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