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Quote of the Day

A church that worships Jesus stands up for vulnerable women and girls. A church that worships power sees them as expendable. – Russell Moore

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Luther: On The Muslims

“I hope our Lord God will do something against the Muslims for his name’s sake, not for the sake of Ferdinand. All things in Scripture have now been fulfilled. Only Daniel 12 remains. Daniel and the Revelation of St. John … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Defeat of Evil: An Observation

It isn’t love that finally defeats evil but judgment. Satan isn’t cast into a bed of roses, but a pit of fire. This is the case precisely because love isn’t simply an expression of permissiveness but the destruction of all … Continue reading

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Of Potential Interest For Students of the LXX and the Greek New Testament

Both coming soon (in December) from Hendrickson.

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My New Twitter Home

My new twitter home- https://twitter.com/EmilBrunner1

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Manuscripts of the Gospel of John

Peter Williams tweets For the best information on the manuscripts of John’s Gospel go to iohannes.com.

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Six Rare F.F. Bruce articles Found

With thanks to Doug Iverson for the tip– Someone very kindly donated a complete set of the 1947 issues of The Sunday School Magazine to Book Aid recently. Published by what today is Scripture Union, the first six each contain an early articles by F.F. … Continue reading

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It’s Also Augustine of Hippo’s Birthdate

Augustine, the former reprobate who confessed (read: bragged about) things in his Confessions that no person should ever do and who made up the notion of ‘original sin’ and who was followed and adored by Luther was evidently born on … Continue reading

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It’s Johannes Eck’s Birth-iversary

John Eck, more correctly Johann Maier, was born at Eck (now Egg, near Memmingen, south of Augsburg) in Swabia, November 13, 1486. When twelve years of age he began his studies at Heidelberg and continued them at Tuebingen, Cologne and … Continue reading

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