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When There Aren’t any Biblical Scholars or Theologians to Endorse your Rubbish, there’s Volf to the Rescue

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More Pentebbableist Nutbaggery

None of these sorts of sign wavers have a shred of theological or biblical knowledge.

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How About No

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Big Pharma Is Murdering Americans and Congress is Enabling It

Because of corporate greed.  And that’s the only reason. While 7.4 million Americans rely on insulin to live, the price of that medication is causing some diabetics to ration their medication with devastating risks. Katelyn Wackerman went seven years without … Continue reading

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Another Celeb Christian Turns out to Be A Reprobate

This time it’s comedian John Crist. Sickening and sad. Maybe you folk should stop seeking fame. No celebrity Christian remains like Christ.

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Maybe People Should Be Smart Enough to Get Their Facts From Reliable Sources and Not Social Media…

It seems ‘Facebook’ is prioritizing lies.  So what.  Maybe adults should get their information from reliable sources and not interactions on SOCIAL MEDIA, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, or whatever.  How about that. Maybe adults should use … Continue reading

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Everyday Prayer with John Calvin

 ‘Everyday Prayer with John Calvin‘, Don McKim’s latest book, is a genuine joy to read. Drawing from the Institutes and Calvin’s Old and New Testament commentaries, Donald K. McKim comments on Calvin’s biblical insights on prayer and intersperses his short … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: Good People, Don’t Fall For Eck’s Deceptions

On 6 November, 1524 Zwingli published Antwort an den Rat in Zürich über Johannes Ecks Schrift und betreffend den Anschlag der neun Orte in Frauenfeld. Its thesis is simple- Johannes Eck is a deceiver and what he says in his … Continue reading

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On Finding Myth and History in the Bible: Epistemological and Methodological Observations

B&I has Emanuel Pfoh’s essay from our 2016 Garbini Festschrift volume on their website today.  Give it a read.  It’s great stuff.

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Challenging the Spirit of Modernity: A Study of Groen van Prinsterer’s Unbelief and Revolution

I appreciate the good people at Lexham Press sending a copy of this new volume for review (without any expectations for the tone or the outcome of that review).  And for also sending this work (which of course is the … Continue reading

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Paul Pressler, SBC Fundamentalist and Architect of the Fundamentalist Destruction of the SBC is a Pedophile

Long-time Southern Baptist lay leader Paul Pressler used religion to sexually abuse a boy in the 1980s, and when that no longer worked began paying him as an adult to keep their relationship a secret, according to a new petition … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: The Second Disputation with the Re-Baptizers

November 6, 1525 was the date of the conference. The Anabaptists assembled in great numbers from all the villages of the canton, and their cause was defended by Grebel, Manz, and Blaurock. The debate lasted three days and was confined … Continue reading

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Luther’s Thoughts on Personal Libraries

Isn’t it a crying shame that heretofore a boy was obliged to study for twenty years or even longer merely to learn enough bad Latin to become a priest and mumble through the mass? Whoever got that far was accounted … Continue reading

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On Those Who Present Multiple Papers at Academic Conferences: An Observation

No one should present more than one paper at any academic conference.  Yours isn’t the only voice worth hearing. Amen.

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Leonard Goppelt’s Birthday

On the 6th of November, 1911, New Testament exegete and Theologian Leonhard Goppelt was born.  His contributions to New Testament studies are impressive and cover everything from the use of the Old Testament by the New to commentary to New … Continue reading

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New From Mohr

Mareike Verena Blischke, Der Geist Gottes im Alten Testament C. L. Crouch / Jeremy M. Hutton, Translating Empire: Tell Fekheriyeh, Deuteronomy, and the Akkadian Treaty Tradition Kathy Ehrensperger, Searching Paul: Conversations with the Jewish Apostle to the Nations. Collected Essays

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