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When Did Zwingli ‘Become’ A Reformer

I have come to the conclusion that Zwingli moved bit by bit away from Rome and towards reform beginning in 1515 after the shocking horror of the Battle of Marignano.  Others date the beginning of his ‘turn’ to 1516.  Still … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaxxers are Insane

Especially Australian ones… An anti-vaccination mother took to social media on Wednesday to share her decision to give out tainted lollipops for Halloween. The Australian mother, who identifies herself online as Sarah Walker RN, shared in the private Facebook group “Stop Mandatory Vaccination” … Continue reading

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Immorality For Christmas….

The dumbest idea yet.

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Zwingli and I Share The Same Practice in Preaching

Predigtmanuskripte hat Zwingli allerdings nicht hinterlassen und wohl auch nicht angefertigt. Selbst Nachschriften von Predigthörern existieren nicht. – Irene Dingel Neither do I.  It’s really the only way.  If you stand there and read to me, I would prefer you … Continue reading

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How Did Luther Really Catechize His Own Children?

And you can properly teach your children too.  And yourself!  Get The Commentary.

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Dear Millennials, Dilettantes, and other Self Appointed Experts: You Are Not Entitled to Your Opinion

You’re not entitled to it until you earn it. The problem with “I’m entitled to my opinion” is that, all too often, it’s used to shelter beliefs that should have been abandoned. It becomes shorthand for “I can say or … Continue reading

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False, Wrong, Marcionite

Why is this guy a ‘celebrity’ ‘Christian’? His grasp of theology is sub-par and his views marcionite. Twitter verified appears to be a certain indicator of theological incompetence.

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Quote of the Day

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This Simply Cannot Be Said Too Much

Anyone who says ‘I love God’ and hates his brother, is a liar, since whoever does not love the brother whom he can see cannot love God whom he has not seen.   Indeed this is the commandment we have received from … Continue reading

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Very Sad News

Dear ANZABS members, We are very sorry to inform you of the sudden death of Dr Tim Bulkeley. Tim was a well loved OT scholar and a colleague, mentor, and friend to many. He died after a short illness in … Continue reading

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