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New From Brill, Free in Open Access

Vision, Narrative, and Wisdom in the Aramaic Texts from Qumran:

Essays from the Copenhagen Symposium, 14-15 August, 2017

The Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran have attracted increasing interest in recent years. These texts predate the “sectarian” Dead Sea scrolls, and they are contemporary with the youngest parts of the Hebrew Bible. They offer a unique glimpse into the situation before the biblical canons were closed. Their highly creative Jewish authors reshaped and rewrote biblical traditions to cope with the concerns of their own time. The essays in this volume examine this fascinating ancient literature from a variety of different perspectives. The book grew out of an international symposium held at the University of Copenhagen in August 2017.

Around this Morning

Cleanup.  I’m not sure how many of these street sweeping folk there are, but it must be in the several hundreds.  And they are out every morning cleaning up the streets, by hand.  They do an amazing job.

And the selfie?  Well it’s just what I do, innit….

Today our seminar turns to Acts and Paul’s letters.  And I need to take another photo of the group.  We’ve had additions.

More anon.

Theological Ignorance and Stupidity


Punishment for Greed in the 15th Century

What do you know, a picture really is worth 1000 words.  We need to bring these back!

Around this Evening

Why ‘Hell Houses’ Have no Place in Christianity: An Essay by Timothy George

He observes

hellIt may be that some young people will find their way to genuine faith through such ghoulish shenanigans, but their overall import is a distortion of the Gospel. Those who indulge in such displays are taking something serious, eternal, and consequential and treating it with a finesse of a butcher doing brain surgery. In the process, they trivialize evil and domesticate grace. I seriously doubt that the Old Fiend himself is much upset about how his wiles are portrayed in such faux-dramas. He knows that conversion without discipleship is not likely to be lasting or deep. He is well aware that evangelism as entertainment seldom, if ever, results in genuine repentance or transformation.

Read the whole piece.  Every word of it.

Luther: On Idolatry

Portrait of Martin Luther as an Augustinian Monk

Many a one thinks that he has God and everything in abundance when he has money and possessions; he trusts in them and boasts of them with such firmness and assurance as to care for no one. Lo, such a man also has a god, Mammon by name, i.e., money and possessions, on which he sets all his heart, and which is also the most common idol on earth. He who has money and possessions feels secure, and is joyful and undismayed as though he were sitting in the midst of Paradise. On the other hand, he who has none doubts and is despondent, as though he knew of no God. For very few are to be found who are of good cheer, and who neither mourn nor complain if they have not Mammon. This [care and desire for money] sticks and clings to our nature, even to the grave. — Martin Luther

I’m Not A Millennial…

But I love avocado.  So I had an avocado, chicken, and lettuce sandwich for lunch and it was absolutely fantastic.  I don’t know what the spices and oil used were but lunch was the best thing I’ve eaten in a good while.

I’ll definitely be back.

The morning session went well- where we focused on John’s gospel and this afternoon the Johannine epistles.  Tomorrow it’s Acts and Paul.

The week is going very well.  And the weather, aside from being a bit humid, has bee lovely.  Indeed, today we have hardly any humidity at all and the sea breeze is extremely pleasant.

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