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Erasmus: On Fools and their Folly

Are not they such Fools that list themselves for Soldiers, and for the Sake of a poor Pay expose Body and Soul to Danger? who make it their Study to scrape up Riches, when their Minds are destitute of all … Continue reading

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Starbucks in Hong Kong…

Has my favorite drink and I can’t find it anywhere else in the world- black tea with ruby red grapefruit and honey.  It’s fantastic. Next up, the day’s lectures.  The NT Background this morning and the Synoptics this afternoon.  A … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s First Letter to Erasmus, And Erasmus’ Funny Reply

“To Erasmus of Rotterdam, great philosopher and theologian, Huldreich Zwingli sends greeting: When I am about to write to you, Dr. Erasmus, best of men, I am on the one hand frightened by the lustre of your learning, which demands … Continue reading

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If You Missed the Lecture on Bultmann in Zurich…

Watch it here.

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More Erasmus

There remains one order of the clergy, who are so tied to religion by vows that, if they were inclined, they could no more shake it off, than the tortoise can get rid of the shell which he carries on … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: On Those Jackdaw Preachers Who Steal Other People’s Sermons

There are some lazy pastors and preachers, who are no good themselves, those who count on getting their sermons from … other [people’s] … books. They do not pray, do not study, do not read, do not meditate on anything … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Erasmus

Born on this day in 1466, Desiderius Erasmus.

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Erasmus as Forerunner of Luther and Zwingli

2016 ehrt die Reformationsstadt Basel Erasmus von Rotterdam. Denn der Humanist, der zeitlebens Katholik blieb, legte am Rheinknie die Basis für den Durchbruch von Luther und Zwingli. 2017 feiert die protestantische Welt Luthers Thesenanschlag am Kirchenportal zu Wittenberg. Der Akt … Continue reading

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Brunner’s Ordination

October 27th, 1912, Emil Brunner was ordained. He had preached his first sermon earlier that year, on April 14th. His subject, “Jesus is the Divine Man’. In that sermon, which really serves as an indication of all his later work … Continue reading

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Just a Few From this Evening

Because, frankly, I’m too tired to walk any more.  Tomorrow we start the day off with ‘The New Testament World’ and we end with the Synoptics. It’s going to be fun.

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And a Happy Servetus Day to You All…

@jdmccafferty – 27 Oct 1553: Michael Servetus anti-Trinitarian thinker burnt at #Geneva #otd on a pyre of his own books (McGovern). Servetus was a theological dilettante.  He should have stuck with medicine. Calvin never wrote a book on medicine.  Do … Continue reading

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The Afternoon Rounds

8.86 miles, according to my fitbit.

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The Evangelical Pope

“”Clearly says” is the evangelical equivalent of an infallible papal decree. The evangelical’s popish wielding of “clearly says” seeks to end all discussion and to anathematize those with less impudence and pride.” – Michael Svigel It’s the same as the … Continue reading

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