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Because Even When it’s Humid and Hot, You Still Go Get Your Children A Treat

Around Hong Kong this Morning

It’s humid.  I’ll just say that right up front.  Which means walking ensures drenched clothes.  Still, it’s a lovely morning.

More wandering this afternoon after I work on tomorrow’s lectures a bit.  Stay tuned.

Our Intensive Begins Tomorrow (Monday)

Bart Ehrman v. Peter Williams: The 2019 Smackdown

And the Best Slam in a Book Review Goes to Rudolf Bultmann…

Who wrote of Georg Brandes’ life of Jesus (wherein Brandes calls into question the reality of Jesus),

Is it really possible that such a book has a real writer as its author?


Reformation radikal – Ulrich Zwingli

With thanks to Christoph Heilig for pointing it out

Er läuft im Kino und steht bis November 2019 in Zürich als überlebensgroße Statue an nahezu jeder Straßenecke: Die Schweiz feiert ihren Reformator Ulrich Zwingli. Vor 500 Jahren kam der Theologe als Leutpriester ans Zürcher Großmünster.

I’ve Arrived in Hong Kong… And There’s Not So Much as a Hint of any Unrest…

In fact, life is as it always is when I’m here.