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The Disciples’ Prayer: The Prayer Jesus Taught in its Historical Setting

Jeffrey Gibson’s book came out in 2015.  I’ve now reviewed it (because it was just recently that I laid hands on it).- Christians around the world recite the “Lord’s Prayer” daily, but what exactly are they praying for—and what relationship … Continue reading

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This is A Lynching

The President isn’t being lynched, he’s being held accountable.

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Quid Pro Quo

Period. Full stop. Incontrovertibly.

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Hop on Your Private Jet and Fly to Norway

Welcome to tomorrow’s Brown Bag seminar with Tommy Wasserman (12:15–13:00 in A7-002)! Tommy, who is professor at Ansgar University College and Theological Seminary, will not only present on “Constantine Simonides’s ‘Codex Mayerianus’ and Its Model”, he will even give an … Continue reading

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Something to Ponder

“If a restoration of land to Israel is biblical, then does that include restoration of animal sacrifices, official toleration of slavery, the death penalty for transgressions of the ritual law, and the establishment of a theocratic state too?” — Hans … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Your damnation does not slumber; it will come swiftly, and, in all probability, very suddenly upon many of you. You have reason to wonder that you are not already in hell” (Edwards, “Sinners”).

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#ICYMI – Fun Facts From Church History: Luther Becomes a Member of the Wittenberg Faculty

Johann von Staupitz had persuaded Luther to pursue advanced studies to qualify for the degree of Doctor in Biblia and had moved Frederick the Wise to provide funds for promoting Luther’s doctorate on the promise that Luther would be a … Continue reading

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The Family Name ‘Zwingli’

There’s an interesting snippet on Swiss Radio 1 about the meaning of the Zwingli family name.  Give it a listen.

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