How A Saturday Can Go Awry

19 Oct

So, here’s the thing, I went over to my daughter’s house today to get her mail and check the house (because she’s out of town for the weekend).  And lo and behold, when I opened the garage door water was gushing out of the hot water heater….


I cut off the water and called a friend who is skilled at such things and while awaiting his arrival I swept out all the standing water and after he arrived and assessed the situation and we picked up the necessary supplies and a new hot water heater, we set to work installing it.

Or, more precisely, he set to work installing it and I handed him stuff.

It took most of the day.  Because we ran into several soldering issues.

But it’s fixed and working well and heating water and now of course I’m paranoid about it so I turned one of her house cameras towards the water heater and I’m checking the live feed maniacally every 39 seconds to see if there’s any puddling.

It’s good to have friends.  He saved us a ton of money on installation and the water heater was fairly priced at Lowes.  So, after all the trouble and anxiety, everything is set to order.

How was your day?


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2 responses to “How A Saturday Can Go Awry


    21 Oct 2019 at 7:16 am

    Water heaters at Lowes are priced about *a third* of what they are at Menards–no lie.


    • Jim

      21 Oct 2019 at 7:53 am