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Latomus and Luther- The Debate: Is every Good Deed a Sin?

V&R have now published a new work in the Refo500 Academic Series.  And I’m very excited about it because Luther’s ‘Against Latomus’ is one of his very best books. Who was Jacob Latomus? What did he write in the series … Continue reading

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One of the Few Things Barth Got Right Was the Hermeneutical Circle

Which he got right from Paul- The natural person has no room for the gifts of God’s Spirit; to him they are folly; he cannot recognise them, because their value can be assessed only in the Spirit. The spiritual person, on … Continue reading

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Just Like Robert Jeffress and Franklin Graham!!

And everyone else endorsing White’s heresy.

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The Folly of Contending With God’s Decrees of Election or Reprobation

Foolish men contend with God in many ways, as though they held him liable to their accusations. They first ask, therefore, by what right the Lord becomes angry at his creatures who have not provoked him by any previous offense; … Continue reading

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Luther: On Atheists

There was mention of a citizen of Wittenberg who was an atheist and who confessed publicly before the town council that he had not received communion for fifteen years. To this Dr. Martin Luther said, “We’ve been sufficiently forbearing with … Continue reading

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Paula White: Pentebabbleist Heretic

She’s at it again, spewing her pentebabbleist rubbish: @RightWingWatch tweets Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White says Christians “are mandated by God” to send thousands of dollars to help Jim Bakker build a new TV studio and their donations will be … Continue reading

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From Scribal Error to Rewriting: How Ancient Texts Could and Could Not Be Changed

Coming soon from V&R– How ancient texts could and could not be changed has been in the focus of vibrant scholarly discussions in recent years. The present volume offers contributions from a representative group of prominent scholars from different backgrounds … Continue reading

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The Great Apostasy

When the American Church abandoned all talk of sin, death, and hell it signed its own death warrant. Without those core realities, as understood so well by Christian theology until the Enlightenment, the Church was transformed into nothing more than … Continue reading

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Christianity Continues its Downward Plunge While Those With ‘No Religious Affiliation’ Are On the Rise

The secularization of America is continuing at an ever increasing pace.  If you’re wondering why this is happening, just ask yourself where you and your family will be on Sunday Morning.

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Free in Open Access from De Gruyter: “Sceptical Paths: Enquiry and Doubt from Antiquity to the Present”

Download it here. Sceptical Paths offers a fresh look at key junctions in the history of scepticism. Throughout this collection, key figures are reinterpreted, key arguments are reassessed, lesser-known figures are reintroduced, accepted distinctions are challenged, and new ideas are … Continue reading

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Something to Remember, Always

Fight to the death for truth, and the Lord God will war on your side. Do not be bold of tongue, yet idle and slack in deed. (Sir. 4:28-29)

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Follow the Sixteenth Century Society Conference on Twitter

Via this hashtag- ‪#‎scsc2019‬ And note, this is the 50th anniversary of the society, so there should be some excellent papers.  Tune in!

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“Wir klagen uns an…” : The Stuttgart Confession

Deutschland, 1945. Die Städte liegen nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg in Trümmern, die braunen Parolen vom »Endsieg« sind verhallt. Wie sollte die evangelische Kirche auf diesen Zusammenbruch reagieren – eine Kirche, die sich in Teilen mit der nationalsozialistischen Sache gemein gemacht … Continue reading

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Sad News: Elijah Cummings Has Died

Mr Cummings was an absolute dynamo and his work for civil rights has been decades long.  So few are of his stature, caliber, or decency. May he rest in peace.

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New From Sheffield Phoenix

Sheffield Phoenix Press is pleased to announce a new publication: David Willgren (ed.), God and Humans in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond: A Festschrift for Lennart Boström on his 67th Birthday. The List Price is £70 / $90 / €80 … Continue reading

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Bullinger on the Notion of Transubstantiation

We do not acknowledge any transubstantiation to be made by force of words or characters; but we affirm, that the bread and wine remain as they are in their own substances, but that there is added unto them the institution, … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: While Luther Was Away, Karlstadt Did Play

According to the editor of Luther’s works (English), After October 13, 1521, masses were no longer celebrated in the Augustinian monastery at Wittenberg; on October 17, Karlstadt presided at a disputation where it was, proposed that all masses be abolished. … Continue reading

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Sad News: Ulrich Luz Has Died

How sad.  His massive commentary on Matthew is one of the best ever written.  Not to mention his many other works. Der bekannte evangelische Theologe und Neutestamentler Ulrich Luz ist am 13. Oktober im Alter von 81 Jahren gestorben. Dies teilte … Continue reading

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