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Tommy Lee Jenkins…

Remember that name.

A convicted pedophile from Indiana was busted for trying to have sex with a 14-year-old girl — after walking 351 miles to meet her, according to authorities.

Tommy Lee Jenkins, 32, began an X-rated instant-message exchange with a teen named “Kylee” in Wisconsin who was actually a sheriff’s deputy, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Jenkins asked her for sexually explicit photographs while badgering her to meet him for sex in Whitestown, Ind., where he lived, officials said.

When she refused, he set off on foot for where she supposedly was, in Neenah, Wisc. — repeatedly sending her explicit messages and updating her on the progress of his desperate hike, according to prosecutors.

His mammoth trek ended with a surprise — with sheriff’s deputies and an FBI agent waiting to bust him, authorities announced Friday.

Jenkins was charged with using a computer to attempt to persuade, induce or entice a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity. He faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted.

Have you ever noticed that evil is more willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to get what it wants than good is?  Maybe that’s why evil wins in this world.

KJV-Onlyism is Ignorance

Only the deeply and invincibly ignorant could hold to it.

If Your Pastor Does This, Find Another Church

Because your pastor is a modalist, a heretic.

Prayer for the Month

“Rise, Yahweh! God, raise your hand, do not forget the afflicted! Why should the wicked spurn God, assuring himself you will never follow it up? You have seen for yourself the trouble and vexation, you watch so as to take it in hand. The oppressed relies on you; you are the only recourse of the orphan.

Break the arm of the wicked and evil, seek out wickedness till there is none left to be found.

Yahweh is king for ever and ever, the heathen has vanished from his country. Yahweh, you listen to the laments of the poor, you give them courage, you grant them a hearing, to give judgement for the orphaned and exploited, so that earthborn humans may strike terror no more.” (Ps. 10:12-18)

Signs of the Times

Amazingly Accurate Bible Translation Chart

Via Tim *The Terrible* Bertholet

Sirach is On the Mark

There are three sorts of people my soul hates, and whose existence I consider an outrage: the poor swollen with pride, the rich who is a liar and an adulterous old man who has no sense. (Sir. 25:2)

Sound like anyone you know?

(Also, Sirach is way more ‘scriptural’ than Jude or 2 Peter.  Sirach should be in the Protestant canon).

Murder By Cop

He was supposed to be checking on a woman’s welfare.  Instead, he gunned her down in her own home.

A black woman was shot and killed by a white police officer in her Fort Worth, Texas home after a neighbor called dispatchers to report the woman’s front door was open, police said.

The officers were searching the perimeter of the woman’s home when they saw a person standing near a window inside and one of them opened fire, killing her, Fort Worth police said.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner identified the woman killed as 28-year-old Atatiana Koquice Jefferson. The medical examiner placed her time and place of death as Saturday at 2:30 a.m. in the bedroom of her home.
A cause and manner of death for Jefferson are not yet listed.

Hours after the shooting, police released a heavily edited version of the officer’s body camera footage. The nearly 2-minute video shows officers walking outside the home with flashlights for a few minutes before one of them yells, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” and shoots his weapon through a window.

Take note of the last paragraph. And watch for a coverup.  Being Black in America, even in your own home, is not safe.

The Re-Baptizers Annoyed Zwingli

So he wrote them-

“Hundreds of times I have said openly, ‘I beseech you by Jesus Christ, by our common faith, not to make any change rashly, but to show to all men by your endurance, if in no other way, that you are Christians, in that on account of the weak you bear things that by Christ’s law you do not need to bear.’ ”

Or in other words, calm down and let things develop naturally rather than forcing your views at the point of open warfare, you idiots.

Kappel and Zwingli