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Quote of the Day

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Oh Boy…

Oh boy oh boy oh boy… Oh. Boy.

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On Theology: An Observation

The problem with too much theological thinking today is that it is based more on the clever thoughts of various thinkers and philosophers than the Biblical text.  In other words, it’s built on the wrong foundation.  Clever, cute, witty notions … Continue reading

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Why Is Calvin Despised So By His Foes?

[Because] they love darkness rather than light, they cannot tolerate the sharpness with which we, as in duty bound, rebuke the gross idolatry which is apparent everywhere in the world. When God is worshipped in images, when fictitious worship is … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Get the Feeling that the ‘Conference Going Christians’ and their Heroes Never Read the Bible?

I do. She’s not right.  She’s apparently never read the New Testament.  But she came up with a pithy sounding sound bite and her hoards swallowed it without even so much as considering its accuracy.  Conferencing Christians…  they’re dilettantes.

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Jodi Magness Questions the Masada Suicide Myth

But to be fair, Joe Zias and others have doubted the legitimacy of the tale for decades.  Jodi is a bit late to the game on this one.  And I love her! Magness, a professor of early Judaism at the … Continue reading

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Swiss Radio Interview

So apparently last February SRF saw my paper topic (at the Zwingli Conference in Zurich) and wanted to interview me (and Bruce Gordon) about Zwingli. It was fun.  And I’ve just learned that the interview will air on SRF on … Continue reading

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Get Them at Your Favorite Local Bookstore or Directly from The Publishers

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Zwingli Conferences

Via the good folk at CIDOC- Le protestantisme suisse doit beaucoup à Huldrych Zwingli (1484-1531), qui fut le principal artisan de la réforme à Zurich puis dans les régions avoisinantes dans les années 1519-1526. Cinq cent ans après son activité … Continue reading

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Paul Althaus, Karl Barth, Emil Brunner: Briefwechsel 1922–1966

This new work arrived last month and I’ve had the chance to work through it, to my great delight. The volume falls into two major sections: the first, Barth’s correspondence with Althaus, and second, Brunner’s correspondence with Althaus. Two things … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Luther, on the Quran

In 1542 Luther published Brother Richard’s Refutation of the Koran, Translated into German by Dr. M. Luther (Widerlegung des Alkoran Bruder Richardi; verdeutscht dutch Dr. M. Luther) (WA 53, [261] 271–396). In the preface Luther expressed amazement that the Koran … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Lucas Cranach (Jr)

Lucas Cranach the Younger was born on October 4, 1515 in Wittenberg, Germany, to Lucas and Barbara Cranach. He grew up and trained in his father’s workshop where he became an accomplished artist in his own right. When his father … Continue reading

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You Get More Jail Time For Shooting a Cop’s Dog Than Shooting a Black Man…

There is no justice in America.

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The Day Tyndale’s English Version of the Bible was Printed: October 4, 1535

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Huldrych Zwingli and his Little Brother, James

We have but one letter from H Z to J Z, as Zwingli’s biographer informs us: Zwingli sent James to Vadian’s care with this letter of introduction, dated Glarus, October 4, 1512 (vii., 7), and accompanied it with an historical … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Bullinger and Denmark

Heinrich Bullinger was very interested in persuading the Danes that the Swiss Reformation was worth considering (rather than the Lutheran) and he wrote De gratia Dei justificante nos propter Christum per solam fidem absque operibus bonis, fide interim exuberante in … Continue reading

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