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This Is Precisely Why Blanket Statements Like ‘Believe the Women’ Are Both False and Evil

Because, hold on to your seat, some women are liars! Claims of abuse have to be taken case by case and all allegations thoroughly and honestly investigated. Lives are at stake. Distraught Kevin Stewart sat on the ledge of his … Continue reading

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Charlotte Hempel interviews David Clines


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David Bentley Hart’s Horrible Book Reviewed Brilliantly

The reviewer really took one for the team when he agreed to review Hart’s universalistic rubbish.  I’m glad he has the stomach for it.  I don’t.  I’ve reached that stage in life where I don’t waste my time on what … Continue reading

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The Most Moving Condolence Letter You’ll Ever Read

Is this one, sent by Althaus to Brunner when the former received word that Brunner’s son had died: Erlangen, 16. Sept. 1952 Mein lieber Freund Brunner! Durch meinen Schüler Gottfried Hornig höre ich von dem schweren Schlage, der Sie und … Continue reading

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Oh – Sick Burn on the Barthians

Paul Althaus writes Emil Brunner on 8 July, 1950- Daher freuen sich auch meine Schüler, die nach Zürich gehen, immer so sehr Ihres Unterrichtes und müssen nicht, wie in Basel, eine „Bekehrung“ vollziehen oder ablehnen.  Sie glauben kaum, wie verheerend … Continue reading

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I Know This is a Longshot…. The Longest of Shots…

But still, it’s worth a try- Does anyone have a copy of Das menschenbild im Lichte des Evangeliums. Festschrift zum 60.Geburtstag von Prof.Dr.Emil Brunner in PDF? I know there are print editions out there and I’ve contacted a couple of … Continue reading

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Empty ‘Forgiveness’

It has become commonplace for people, as soon as a vile violent act takes place, to say ‘I forgive’ whoever/whatever.  Such forgiveness is thoroughly empty and utterly meaningless.  Forgiveness which is based on nothing at all is permission and forgiving … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Without Repentance is Permission

The belief that forgiveness can be given where repentance is absent turns those who hold it into universalists and in that scheme Christ becomes unnecessary, as does the Gospel.

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Attention, Theologically Uninformed Souls Who Toss the Word ‘Forgiveness’ About

Please do stop talking about forgiveness if you don’t know the meaning of the theological concept.  Forgiveness isn’t a vague blanket permissiveness which effectively winks at wrongs.  Forgiveness is the erasure of transgression’s personal consequences based on a change in … Continue reading

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Nina Burleigh’s Engaging Lecture titled ‘Unholy Business’

Give it a viewing here.

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The ‘House of David’

J’ai répondu aux questions du Monde de la Bible sur la stèle de Mésha. La journaliste scientifique Estelle Villeneuve évoque la fameuse mention de la “maison de David” qui a récemment été remise en question, cependant que ma propre étude (effectuée sans connaissance de … Continue reading

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The Post-Marburg Glow…

Zwingli reached home on the 19th of October. In reporting the conference at Zurich he claimed the victory for himself. “The truth,” said he, “has so manifestly gained the victory that if the shameless and obstinate Luther be not beaten, … Continue reading

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Summarizing the Marburg Colloquy

Walter Koehler wrote a fine essay for Zwingliana in 1930 on the colloquy which took place in Marburg at the behest of Philip. It commences „Um den Glauben wird der Streit gehen und um das Geheimnis des göttlichen Wirkens in … Continue reading

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Signing the Marburg Articles

Below is the German copy of the Articles.  In the Swiss edition, the Swiss Reformers signatures appear first.

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Oecolampadius and Brenz: On the Marburg Colloquy

Œcolampadius in his account of the Colloquy is very much milder than Luther and milder than Zwingli. He believed that “there was no victory on either side since there was no fighting or contending.” Brenz is very explicit in regard … Continue reading

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Zwingli Defeated Luther at Marburg

When Zwingli propounded his view of the Lord’s Supper at Marburg he defeated Luther’s.  How?  Because more Protestant / Reformed Christians now hold Zwingli’s view than Luther’s. Remember- Baptists outnumber Lutherans in America by huge margins and Baptists are Zwinglians … Continue reading

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A Quite Fair Historical Analysis of the Marburg Fiasco

A careful and dispassionate study of the Sacramental Controversy cannot fail to impress one with the utter needlessness of its disastrous termination, permanently dividing as it did the entire evangelical body into two factions, Lutheran and Reformed, thus crippling through … Continue reading

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The Third Day At Marburg

Day Three The next day, Sunday, Oct. 3, [the discsussion] was renewed. Zwingli maintained that a body could not be in different places at once. Luther quoted the Sophists (the Schoolmen) to the effect that there are different kinds of … Continue reading

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