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Rewritten Genesis

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Meanwhile, In Crazytown…

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He’s Not Wrong

@EmilBrunner1  — David Bentley Hart is an Eastern Orthodox theologian. Hence, his Origenism and universalism. Eastern Orthodoxy infects all of its theologians with the disorder of Origenism.

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Since It’s ‘Marburg Colloquy’ Day, And I’m Thinking About the Meaning of the Lord’s Supper…

Let’s hear what Calvin said on the matter in 1559- 30 years after the colloquy- The presence of Christ in the Supper we must hold to be such as neither affixes him to the element of bread, nor encloses him … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Being scolded for getting too political by people who have sold their souls to the Republican Party is . . . rich. And the whole: “Stop being political. Focus on leading people to Jesus.” The act is tired. As a … Continue reading

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Jennie Ebeling on Women in Archaeology

Give it a read here.

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Who Are the Monsters who Use ‘Plastic Tea Bags’ Anyway?????

I’ve never even seen a plastic tea bag. The next time you make a cup of tea, scientists say you might want to pick that paper tea bag or just go loose-leaf. If you use a plastic tea bag shards … Continue reading

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Why Are Some Christians More Committed to their Faith than Others?

People will never be more committed to Christ than they wish to be. And they will never be less committed to Christ than they wish to be either. People are exactly, precisely, purposefully, and intentionally only as devoted to their … Continue reading

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The Newest Biblical Studies Carnival is Up and Running

Phil has done a great job.  Give it a read.

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Marburg, 1529, And the Colloquy There Held

Huldrych Zwingli and Johannes Oecolampadius met with Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon in Marburg beginning October 1, 1529 till October 3.  They agreed on 14 of 15 points but, as everyone knows, they couldn’t come to agreement on the meaning … Continue reading

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Logos’ Free Book of the Month

Is this one.

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