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We Thank Thee, Lord, For Mozart

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That’s Also True of the Bible…

Happy Reformation Day, the day countless evangelicals honor a man whose writings most have never read and whose teachings most would not understand…or embrace. — Michael Svigel

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Our society is deeply divided.  That’s not news to anyone.  But it does give us an opportunity to remind ourselves that if we carry our political divisions into Church with us or into our Christianity, then we need to stop … Continue reading

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Someone Needs a Good Servetus-ing for This

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The Rank Hypocrisy of the ‘Why Doesn’t God Do Anything About Evil’ Crowd

Every time something awful happens and some wretch does something terrible to innocent folk there is always a chorus of voices raised in protest, complaining that God ought to do something, and why, by the way, doesn’t he. David Hume … Continue reading

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New at the Bodleian

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Reminder: The Reformation Didn’t Divide the Church

Because the Church has never been a monolith. Never. Ever. Never from day one.

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Protests? More Like Lovely Peaceful Street Party

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The Self Appointed Leftist Progs Thought Police in Biblical Studies Need to Read This

It’s all about them too.

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‘Celebrity christians’

Let’s stop assuming they’re actually Christians.

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A Reformation Day Zwingli Gallery


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Dinner and the Police

For the first time since I’ve been here there are suggestions that protesting will occur within earshot.  So the police are beginning to appear.  So after a very nice dinner I walked around and snapped some photos.  I’ll go out … Continue reading

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Zwingli: On the Proper Relationship of Church and State

In the Church of Christ government is just as necessary as preaching, although this latter occupies the first place. For as a man cannot exist except as composed of both body and soul, however much the body is the humbler … Continue reading

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‘Reformation Day’? Nope. ‘Reformations Days’? Yup.

‘Reformation Day’  Nope!’ ‘The Reformation’ is a misnomer if ever there were one, for in fact there was no ‘one’ Reformation any more than there was just one Reformer. ‘The Reformation’, when used by students and the general public, usually … Continue reading

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Happy Reformation Day!

Or as I like to call it- Second Reformation Day Initiated by the Third Reformer, Luther, Who Wasn’t the First Reformer (That Was Zwingli, Already in 1515) or the Brightest Reformer (That Was Calvin).  But that’s an awfully long title … Continue reading

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The History and Meaning of ‘Evangelical’

The earliest usage of the term ‘evangelische’ was used by Luther’s opponents the Roman Catholics to denounce his rather un-Catholic understanding of salvation (justification).  These ‘Evangelicals’ preached a Gospel centered on the death and resurrection of Christ by which they … Continue reading

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Just Some Random Pictures…

Of an odd drink, a couple of days worth of Fitbit activity, and some buildings and signs.  And if you’re wondering, the Coke apple is vile.

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Glarus Loved Zwingli, For the Most Part…

Except, of course, the lovers of war who despised his anti-mercenary service sentiments.  Accordingly, his biographer notes, that even when he took up residence in Einsiedeln in October of 1516, that technically … he remained pastor of Glarus till he … Continue reading

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Ein Meilenstein der Verlagsgeschichte: Meyers kritisch-exegetischer Kommentar über das Neue Testament

Als im Jahre 1827 der Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht mit dem Dorfpfarrer Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer einen Vertrag über die Herausgabe einer griechisch-deutschen Ausgabe des Neuen Testaments in zwei Abteilungen sowie eines zweibändigen Kommentars zu den neutestamentlichen Schriften abschloss, war … Continue reading

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A Lovely Evening Out

Dinner with some of the students was really enjoyable and a visit to a viewing platform was amazing.  And riding in a jag on the way back to the school… well that was very cool too.

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