If I Made the Rules For Christian Weddings, Here’s What they Would Be

Weddings are far too stressful these days.  To change that and make them joyous once again I think we should all adopt the following rules:

1- No wedding can cost over $500 and that includes food and photos and flowers and clothes.

2- No wedding will have more than 10 guests.

3- No wedding will be held on any weekend.

4- No wedding will have a wedding planner or organizer.

5- Nothing that happens at a wedding will be allowed that does not glorify Christ.

6- Weddings must be simple, small, and most of all focused on the couple and not the families.

7- Anyone unwilling to abide by these simple rules aimed at removing all stress from wedding ceremonies will not be allowed to be married in any Church.

Weddings are stressful because too much money is spent on too many things that simply are not necessary for an actual wedding or marriage.