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Scripture is Not…

Scripture isn’t a Rohrshach test wherein you see what you feel like seeing, you egotistical self absorbed eisegetical narcissists. Put the Bible down and back away from it. Slowly…

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Um das 6. Jahrhundert v.Chr. traten in verschiedenen Kulturräumen der Welt unabhängig voneinander Philosophen und Propheten auf, die das bisherige mythische Denken überwanden: Konfuzius und Laotse in China, Buddha in Indien, Zarathustra in Persien, die Propheten des Alten Israel und … Continue reading

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Martin Luther Has Read Richard Dawkins

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Zwingli Was Wrong about Two Things: Infant Baptism and Mary

Concerning the second, today is the anniversary of the publication of his sermon titled “The Perpetual Virginity of Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ our Saviour,” which thesis Zwingli maintained, and thus adds his name to the honoured roll of … Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart- Unitarian Universalist

DBH is halfway there.  He’s already a universalist.  Next up, he will reject trinitarianism and go full bore UU. We are watching the evolution of a heretic.  DBH now exalts his own sense of things over all other determinative factors.  … Continue reading

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The Theology of Heinrich Bullinger

W.P. Stephens’ last work before his untimely death was a volume on the theology of Heinrich Bullinger. This work was virtually fully completed save the chapter on the Lord’s Supper and has been edited by Joe Mock and Jim West … Continue reading

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Awful News: Cokie Roberts has Died

She was a legend.  And utterly dependable and honest.  The last of her kind in journalism among commentators and pundits.  RIP.

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A Bullinger Gallery In Remembrance of His Death

This gallery contains 14 photos.



The Anniversary of Bullinger’s Death

Today marks the anniversary of Bullinger’s death.  So, to remember the greatest second generation Reformer, here’s a brief biography: HENRY BULLINGER, the fifth child of Henry Bullinger and Anna Widerkehr, was born on the 18th of July, 1504, at Bremgarten, … Continue reading

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