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Jerry Falwell Doesn’t Know Anything About Jesus, the Bible, Theology, or Christianity

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Wrong- For Many Reasons

If you get your theology from tee-shirts… well you’re a heretic.

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Another Example of Why ANE Today is So Superior to BAR

Articles like this: Translating Job as Befits a Great Ancient Work. No biblical text challenges the interpreter more than the Book of Job. It abounds in otherwise unknown words and expressions; its discourse and poetry are often dense; it draws … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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The Slamming of a Hypocrite: The Jerry Falwell Edition

This report, with its many tweeted reactions, is scorching. And Falwell deserves it and more.

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Quote of the Day

“In the last resort I do not trust any theological teacher—except perhaps a professional in exegesis or history—who has not spent a long time as a pastor, visited the old and sick, buried children and young people and had to … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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‘Never Forget…’

I’ve been thinking about the events in American history that we are constantly told we should remember.  ‘Remember the Alamo.’  ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’.  ‘Remember 9/11’.   And I’ve been wondering exactly why it is that we should do so. The answer, … Continue reading

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Athletes Don’t Impress Jerome

“Our fine, erect, muscular athletes … hardly make a shadow of a footmark in their swift passage, whose words are in their fists and their reasoning in their heels, who either know nothing of apostolic poverty and the hardness of … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Luther Wasn’t a Fan of the Fathers

At Luther’s table … there was talk about the writings of the church fathers on the Bible and how these left the reader in uncertainty. He [Martin Luther] responded, “I’m not allowed to make judgments about them because they’re writers … Continue reading

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Well Someone Mangled a Book in Shipping, Didn’t They DHL

Did you run it over, rip it open, shove it around, and then drop it in some sort of book mangler before you hastily shoved it back in its box and then taped it to death?  Pretty awful handling there, … Continue reading

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