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Kerry Roberts, GOP, Wants to end Higher Education

A Republican Tennessee lawmaker says he supports getting rid of higher education because he argues it would cut off the “liberal breeding ground.” Sen. Kerry Roberts of Springfield called for eliminating higher education while speaking about attending a recent abortion legislative … Continue reading

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The Spontaneous Evil of Racism and the Racist In the White House

His racism is reactive and spontaneous. It is who he is and it is his baseline position. In sum, he is the worst of all of us.

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They’ve Found A Bauble, in a Sifting, Not in situ

A minuscule 7th century BCE clay sealing reading “Belonging to Adoniyahu, the Royal Steward,” was recently discovered in the City of David’s sifting project. In earth excavated from the foundations of the Western Wall under Robinson’s Arch in 2013, a … Continue reading

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That Poor Little Boy…

This is heartbreaking. Friends, family, and neighbors are heartbroken after a 6-year-old boy and his grandmother were shot and killed by his grandfather in a murder-suicide in Hermitage Saturday night. Police say 64-year-old Terry Majors shot and killed his 61-year-old … Continue reading

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Reformation of the Commonwealth: Thomas Becon and the Politics of Evangelical Change in Tudor England

So, all you souls who tell us you love Bacon, now’s your chance to prove it!

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The Task of the Translator is to Translate, Not to Interfere

I wish to know who gave you permission to cut out a number of passages from the work you were translating? You were asked to turn a Greek book into Latin, not to correct it; to draw out another man’s … Continue reading

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Fun Facts from Church History: The Condemnation of Anabaptism

On September 9, 1527, Zurich, Bern, and St. Gall published an edict, in which for the first time the alleged errors and crimes of the Anabaptist party are set forth; viz.: They seduce men from the congregations of the orthodox … Continue reading

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Honest Latin Mottoes for Your Overrated University

Enjoy these gems and many others: In reliquum tempus aere distrahi “Torn asunder by debt for the rest of your life” Pro scientia inutili “For useless knowledge” Quo plus cerevisiae, eo minus memoriae “The more beer, the fewer the memories” … Continue reading

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Enjoy this Video Showing George Will Eviscerate Mike Pence

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Happy New Year! 新年快樂

Originally posted on HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College eNews:
Principal Dr Gareth Jones I have said it many times but it is worth repeating: September is really Ming Hua’s new year celebration, as we welcome new postulants, new lay students,…

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