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Dueling Locations for a Miracle of Jesus…

Because without rank speculation based on a Byzantine church built 600 years after Christ, where would magazines find material to fill their pages?

A mosaic depicting fish, birds and baskets of what may be bread, newly uncovered near the Sea of Galilee, may commemorate the historic location of the miracle recorded in the New Testament in which Jesus miraculously feeds a multitude, according to the lead archaeologist at the site, Haifa University’s Dr. Michael Eisenberg..


There Are No Guns in Heaven

It looks like Meghan McCain has no interest in heaven. Because she’s not living without guns- and she may not know this but heaven is gunless.

Revelation 21:8

The People Most Fond of Trump Want to See the Country Destroyed

A widely lauded new study from three political scientists has found that the people who are most strongly attracted to President Donald Trump are fueled by “chaos” and tend to believe that “society should be burned to the ground.”

The study, which was cited in the latest column from the New York Times’ Thomas Edsall, found that social media websites have allowed angry conspiracy theorists to gain mass audiences, whereas in the past they have been relegated to the fringes of political discourse.

That’s why they don’t care how immoral or evil he is.  They are just as immoral and just as evil.  That’s why they can’t be reasoned with and that’s why they will vote for Trump even if he rapes their own mother or wife or daughter on the White House lawn and then scrapes the baby out with a dull knife

These formerly fringe actors are driven by the need to create chaos, Edsall writes, and that’s why they are drawn so strongly to Trump’s presidency.

The study’s authors — political scientists Michael Bang Petersen and Mathias Osmundsen of Aarhus University in Denmark, and Kevin Arceneaux of Temple University — found that Trump supporters were far more likely than other voters to be sympathetic toward statements such as “I fantasize about a natural disaster wiping out most of humanity such that a small group of people can start all over” and “I think society should be burned to the ground.”

These views are a minority among voters, the authors claim, but they nonetheless have “incredible amounts of support” among the general population. In fact, the study found that 24 percent of all 6,000-plus people surveyed said they believed society “should be burned to the ground.”

We aren’t dealing with normal people.

Turns Out that That was a Big Mistake, Mr Madison…

“We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments of God.” —  James Madison

Save the Date

A new Volume for the Luther-ans

Martin Luthers Gebrauch der Heiligen Schrift, by Alexander Kupsch

Untersuchungen zur Schriftautorität in Gottesdienst und gesellschaftlicher Öffentlichkeit

Protestant theology is traditionally founded on the authority of scripture. Alexander Kupsch analyzes how Martin Luther used it as the church’s liturgical authority and in public moral discourse. Luther’s use of scripture is then compared to modern concepts of scriptural authority. A final chapter outlines how scripture can be viewed and used as authority in religious life.

Heinrich Bullinger: on Invoking God

bullinger50That invocation therefore or calling upon God, whereof at this time we entreat, is a lifting up of man’s mind to God in great necessity or in some desire, and a most ardent craving of counsel and assistance by faith; and also a bequeathing or committing of ourselves into the protection of God, and as it were a betaking of ourselves to his sanctuary and only safeguard. In invocation therefore (true invocation, I mean) a faithful mind is first of all required, which doth acknowledge God to be the author and only giver of all good gifts; who is willing to hear them that call upon him, and is able to grant us all our requests and desires whatsoever. An incessant and ardent petition or beseeching is also required. But of these points more shall be said, when God shall give us leave, in our sermon of the prayer of the faithful; for invocation is a kind of prayer. — Heinrich Bullinger