Exhibitions Featuring the Gabriel Stone: A Chronological List

Personally, I’ve never thought the thing was either ancient nor important.

The Lying Pen of Scribes

By Ludvik A. Kjeldsberg and Årstein Justnes

[First published: 2 Sep 2019]

[N]ever have I imagined that an item of my collection would be published on the front page of the New York Times, would have more than a million search results in the internet, would be the subject of many articles and books, would be exhibited in museums, or would be the star of television movies.

 David Jeselsohn, antiquities collector and owner of the Gabriel Stone, 2011


12 Dec – 12 Apr 2009

The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish StoryHouston Museum of Natural Science (Houston, TX)The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story.”

Jeselsohn, “The Jeselsohn Stone: Discovery and Publication,” 7.

Karkabi, “Museum exhibit explores roots of Christianity.”

Meadows, “Building an Exhibit-thee Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story.”


11 Dec – 6…

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