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This is Why If Your Pastor isn’t A Legitimately Trained Scholar, You Should Find Another Church

Yes, a scholar. If your pastor isn’t, get out. Read the whole. Horror.

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Oh Nashville….

Those stories aren’t real! (I say that because you apparently don’t know it). #Sad #Ignorant #Nashville

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Are You Serious?

‘… Any truly serious study of antiquity requires analyzing documents in their original languages.‘  – Eckhard Schnabel Amen.  If you’re serious about the Bible, you analyze its documents in their original languages.  Period.  Full stop.  Anything less is not serious … Continue reading

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October 7th

That, according to the publisher, is when WP Stephens’ ‘The Theology of Heinrich Bullinger’ will be published.  It’s at the printer’s now.  

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Exhibitions Featuring the Gabriel Stone: A Chronological List

Originally posted on The Lying Pen of Scribes:
By Ludvik A. Kjeldsberg and Årstein Justnes [First published: 2 Sep 2019] [N]ever have I imagined that an item of my collection would be published on the front page of the New…

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Scripture in Its Historical Contexts

Mohr sent review copies of these two volumes a while back. Veröffentlicht auf Englisch: Vol 1- Diese wichtige Sammlung von Aufsätzen von James A. Sanders enthält seine bedeutsamsten Arbeiten zum Text und Kanon der hebräischen Bibel, zusammen mit bahnbrechenden Studien … Continue reading

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Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Horrors

This is the most horrifying twitter account of them all. The clips are of people who repulse me for a lot of reasons. But I can’t look away. @FakeSermon – follow them.

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Wrong, Pentebabbleist

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I Guess They Forgot that Whole ‘Love One Another’ Thing…

A “minor conflict” between the wives of a pastor and youth pastor at a West Virginia church resulted in gunfire, leading to the arrest of the pastor’s wife for wanton endangerment. According to The Register Herald, the pastor’s wife, Melinda Frye … Continue reading

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Zwingli Was a Self-Paced Reformer, A Man Who Didn’t Rush into Anything

As we learn, for instance, in the way he reformed the Mass- In his treatise on “The Canon of the Mass,”—dated IV. Cal. Septemb. (i. e., September 2) 1523—the canon is that part of the mass liturgy in which the … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Pious Teens Don’t Get on Swings

James Walter Douglas was born in Virginia in November 1797. After completing his primary education Douglass moved to the village of Christiana, Delaware, after obtaining a position as a trainee clerk. The teenaged Douglass also became a pious member of … Continue reading

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Luther Didn’t Cash in On His Translation of the Bible

Our Saxon friends write Did you know … that Luther did not make a single Gulden off of his Bible translation? Martin Luther’s translation of the New Testament first appeared at the autumn edition of the Leipzig Autumn Fair in … Continue reading

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