Zwinglius Redivivus

"Philosophers are the Patriarchs of heretics" – Tertullian

Today With Zwingli: The Unveiling of the Wasserkirche Statue – 24 August, 1885

They sang this song on the occasion of the unveiling and dedication of the statue of Zwingli on this day in 1885, the 401st anniversary of the Reformer’s birth:


Lord, guide the car [of War] Thyself!
Otherwise crooked
All our course becomes.
That would be joy
To our enemies,
Who Thee
Despise so wickedly.


God, elevate Thy Name
To the punishment
Of the wicked goats!
Thy sheep
Again awake,
Who Thee
Love so ardently!

Help, so that all bitterness
May be far removed,
And old fidelity
May come back
And grow anew;
That we
Ever may sing Thy praises!

Zwingli composed the song during the First Kappel War, in 1529.  As SM Jackson remarks

Bullinger gives it (ii., 182) and states that it was immediately and widely popular. It was sung at the Swiss celebrations of the four hundredth anniversary of Zwingli’s birth in 1884, and at the unveiling of the Zwingli statue in Zurich, Monday, August 24, 1885. The poetical versions given in the English translations of Hottinger by T. C. Porter (p. 301), Christoffel by J. Cochrane (p. 430), Merle d’Aubigne by H. White (iv., p. 488), the last reprinted by Schaff (Hist. Chr. Church, vii., p. 173), with the alteration of one line, are so exceedingly free as to misrepresent the original in thought and metre.

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