A Generation of Vipers

School officials in southern California are reportedly reopening an investigation into a group of high school students seen giving Nazi salutes on video, after more racist video and images surfaced on Wednesday.

The initial video obtained by the Daily Beast shows members of the boys’ water polo team at Pacifica high school in Orange county in an empty room that administrative officials say was later used for an athletic banquet. The video, which according to the Daily Beast was taken before an awards ceremony late last year, showed about 10 boys in a stiff-arm salute while singing a Nazi marching song.

The Garden Grove Unified school district said in a statement that the footage had been recorded last November but that administrators hadn’t become aware of the video until March. It said the students had been unsupervised at the time. The district said on Monday that administrators had “addressed the situation with all students and families involved”, but it failed to specify what disciplinary actions it took.

The Los Angeles Times reported that since Monday, officials said, several other videos showing students engaged in hate speech have surfaced. Those videos will be examined as part of the district’s reopened investigation.

More.  Parents who teach their kids to hate are raising a generation of vipers.

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  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador says:

    Vipers beget vipers!!!
    So… there are pictures huh? Great! Show and expose it to all employers in the area for when it’s time for these idiots to apply for a job. I believe society has to secrete these types as our bodies secretes its own dirt. I have no sympathy or any hope for kids like this even when they grow out of it; and some will. I have no hope for this kind of parent skills either! I am saddened and infuriated.


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