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Encouragement From Luther to End Your Day

A natural donkey, which carries sacks to the mill and eats thistles, can judge you – indeed, all creatures can! For a donkey knows it is a donkey and not a cow. A stone knows it is a stone; water is water, and so on through all the creatures. But you mad asses do not know you are asses. — Martin Luther

I Don’t Know Very Many People Willing to Do This

No. Not very many at all.

An Ant Covered 16 Day Old Was Discovered on the Floorboard of Granny’s Van

In, you’ll not be surprised to learn, Kentucky.

Police in Kentucky say a mother and grandmother were arrested when deputies discovered a 16-day-old newborn covered in ants on the floorboard of their van.  News outlets report 32-year-old Rebecca Jean Fultz and 69-year-old Charolette J. Simpson were charged Thursday with criminal abuse of a child and failure to use a child restraint device.  A news release from Laurel County sheriff’s office says the baby was found during a traffic stop.  The statement says deputies found the baby on the floorboard between the front seats, soiled and breathing heavy. The van didn’t have a safety seat and there was no air conditioning.

Despicable.  Some people should never have children.

Ban Christian Tee-Shirts

1- They never get the passage right.  I.e., they always rip the verse from its context and thus misrepresent what it means.


2- In some instances they don’t even correctly cite the text.  As here.  Isaiah 40:31 doesn’t say ‘she’ at all.  It says ‘they’.  It isn’t about joggers and it has nothing to do with exercise or exercising.

Christian tee-shirts do more harm than good when it comes to proclamation of the biblical message.  So they should be banned.  No serious Christian can slap on a garment that lies about the Scriptures.

Ban this garbage.

TV Show Idea: ‘So You Think You Can Exegete’

If you’re familiar with ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, just imagine a show with the same sort of format except dancing it’s exegesis and instead of a panel of dance experts the panel is comprised of actual biblical scholars.

Contestants appear before the panel and are given a Hebrew Bible and a Greek New Testament and then assigned a brief passage to exegete.  Their task,

  1. Textual Criticism
  2. Translation
  3. Redaction Criticism
  4. Rhetorical Criticism
  5. Reception History

The contestant deemed best by the panel of experts is awarded a $5000 gift card to the publisher of their choice.

It would be brilliant.  Come on, @PBS , make it happen!

The ‘End Times’ Guessers always Guess Wrongly

Not to mention the fact that there is no ‘rapture’.

Quote of the Year

Increasing numbers of clergy and theologians seem to think that the right Christian response to the currently dire and desperate plight of the World and the Church is to sound ever more soppy. Nothing could be more remote from the rigorous tonality of the Bible and the Tradition. — John Millbank

Indeed, for when the Church grovels, it denigrates its Lord.

A Snippet From Schlatter

‘Scientific study is first of all seeing, second, seeing, third, seeing and over and over again seeing.’ – Adolf Schlatter

Bultmann’s Birth-iversary is Tomorrow

So there’s plenty to look forward to.  Till then-


Today With Zwingli

On 19 August, 1530 Zwingli published his Supplikation und Begehren der Prädikanten zu Zürich. The topic at hand is nothing less than a plea with the Pastors of the Canton to remain faithful to the Gospel and to continue on the path of reform. He begins

Fromm, vest etc., lieb herren! Üwer ersam wysheit mag ring erwegen, was übels und unrates zuo diser zyt, dero alle ding so gefarlich stond, under den christlichen stetten entston möchte, wo sy in der leer nit eintrechtig. Es mag ouch das christlich burgrecht zweyerley ler nit erlyden.

So aber Benedictus Burgower, prędicant oder pfarrer zuo Schaffhusen, vom sacrament des nachtmals Christi nit glych mit üns in allen andren stetten leret, darus arges nit das kleinst erwachsen möcht, ist ünser ernstlich beger an üwer ersam wysheyt: Die welle ünser lieb Eydgnossen und mittburger von Schaffhusen darzuo vermögen, das sy üns gedachten Benedicten stellen und darzuo halten, das er bericht eintweders von üns empfahe oder üns gebe; dann wir inn hierinn der unwarheyt und unrechter leer leider muessend schuldigen, über das er sich vil eins andren hatt lassen zuo Bernn mercken.

Er lert ouch unsicher und valsch, so er von Christi beden naturen leret, sam die gotheyt ouch gelidten hab, dess wir inn, ouch anders, so mitlouft, bewysen embietendt.

Zwingli makes his points briefly (in just four pages). It’s still a nice piece, a sort of ‘stick with it guys’ rally cry.