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“Religious nationalism is the mark of the false prophets. The true prophets threaten Israel in the name of the God of justice who is able to reject His nation because of its injustice without losing His power.” – Paul Tillich

White Supremacists Are the Greatest Threat to this Country, Not Muslim Extremists

This is the face of American terrorism.

An Ohio man has been arrested for making threats toward a local Jewish community center in New Middletown.

James Reardon Jr., 20, has been charged with telecommunications harassment and aggravated menacing and is being held in the Mahoning County Jail on $250,000 bond with a court hearing planned for Monday morning.

White men are the problem. Not Brown men.

Billy Graham’s Grandson is an Unrepentent Sexual Predator

You would have to be a fool to follow his spiritual guidance.

Preacher Tullian Tchividjian told his congregation on a recent Sunday that he sees himself in a story from the Gospel of John.

In the passage, Nathanael questions whether anything good can come out of Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus Christ that may have had an immoral reputation in biblical times. Likening it to asking if light can come out of darkness, Tchividjian said he knows from personal experience that the answer is yes.

“I am standing here today because in my darkest moments, God never stopped holding onto me,” Tchividjian said. A few cries of “Amen” answered him from the congregation of roughly 60-80 people at the Hilton Garden Inn, which is serving as a spot for worship before they can find a permanent home in the area.

Beware the cult of the predator.

There Will Be No Racists In Heaven

Because…  They wouldn’t like it there.  For them, it would be Hell… Because there are all sorts of Africans and Hispanics and Arabs and Asians and maybe even some Australians and Brits:

And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll, And to open its seals; For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.”  (Rev. 5:9-10)

And A Happy Anniversary to the Melanchthons

melanchAugust 18, 1520: Philipp Melanchthon married Katharina Krapp in Wittenberg. Katharina was the daughter of Hans Krapp who was the highly esteemed mayor of Wittenberg.

Apparently, Philipp had been determined to live his life as a bachelor. He was fully dedicated to his work and was afraid that domestic life would hinder his teaching and research. His friends, including Martin Luther, totally disagreed. While Luther at this time was totally avoiding marriage for himself, he realized that a wife was exactly what his friend and colleague needed. He helped to arrange the marriage and was a strong supporter of it.

Philipp and Katharina’s marriage was a happy one. Katharina proved to be a strong support for her husband both emotionally and physically. She stood by him when he face opposition from the other reformers and nursed him when he was ill.

Philipp and Katharina had four children: Anna, Philipp, Georg, and Magdalene.

For reasons that remain unclear, Kathrina and Katie Luther never became good friends. It seems that the Melanchthons initially disapproved of Martin and Katie’s marriage. Speculation has also been raised as to whether Katharina, who was born in a higher social class than Katie, resented a former nun now rising above her socially. The rift was obviously mended between Philipp and the Luthers and the Melanchthon and Luther children were playmates. But the Katies never became close despite all that they had in common.

Katharina Melachthon died in 1557 while Philipp was in Heidelberg furthering the cause of the Reformation.

This painting of Philipp Melanchthon is by Lucas Cranach the Elder

-Rebecca DeGarmeaux

And yes, she would have married anyone to rid herself of her maiden name.  #TragicGermanNames

Christliche Antwort Burgermeisters und Rats zu Zürich an Bischof Hugo

On 18 August in 1524 (a Thursday that year) Zwingli published, at the behest of the Zurich city council, their answer to the Bishop of Constance for the reformatory undertakings of their clergy.  In sum it asserts that the City will insist that its pastors preach Scripture and not papist tradition and will no longer celebrate the papist Mass or tolerate idolatrous images in city churches.  Written in German, its full title is

Christenlich antwurt burgermeisters und radtes zuo Zürich, dem hochwirdigen etc. herren Hugen,  byschoffe zuo Costantz, über die underricht  beyder articklen: der bilder und mesß, inen zuogeschickt.  Also in götlicher warheit gründt,  das mencklich ersehen mag, was davon under  christenem volck billich sölle gehalten werden.

The section on the Supper is interesting as it demonstrates where Zwingli’s thinking is on that critical topic long before any dispute with Luther commenced:

Summa. Das nüw testament, das ewig ist, muoß mit dem ewigen bluet Christi gemacht und ufgericht werden.

  • 1. Das bluot Christi nimpt unser sünd hin; dann die sünd wirdt nit on bluot hyngenommen.
  • 2. Nun wirt das bluot Christi nitt me denn einist ufgeopferet; denn es ist ein ewig bluot.
  • 3. So volgt, das das einist ufgeopferet bluot Christi in die ewigheyt wäret unser sünd ze bezalen.

Zum andren:

  • 1. Christus wirdt allein ufgeopfret, da er stirbt, lydet, sin bluot vergüßt. Ist alles eins.
  • 2. Christus mag nümmen sterben, lyden, sin bluot vergiessen.
  • 3. So volgt, das Christus nümmer me mag ufgeopferet werdenn, sunder er wäret, einist ufgeopferet, in die ewigheit, aller mentschen sünd zuo bezalen.

Ist alles vormals rychlich bewäret. Diß sind die gründ des lydens und opfers Christi, die Paulus in diser epistel ußgestrychen hat.

From hence there would never be any path back to the papacy for the Zurichers.