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This Looks Really Interesting

A book about books and controversies.

I Applaud Mr Walsh

It takes a big person to admit their mistakes.

If You Ever Annoyed St. Jerome…

He knew what to say to you.  For instance-

I am filled with consternation and a shiver runs through me, soul and body, when I try to set before your eyes the deed that you have done.

And that’s him being nice.

Signs of the Times

Prepare to Add A Bible Museum to the Attractions at Branson

So Much Winning…

Signs of the Times

We Will Have Free and Fair Elections…

When we can trust the system.  When we return to paper ballots.

Steve King Truly Represents the People of Iowa

Truly.  Or they never would have voted for him.

Why It is Critical that Public Sin Be Publicly Rebuked

Luther was once asked

Should not those who have sinned openly by their teaching be rebuked openly, as Moses did to Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, as Elijah did to the Baalites, as Paul did to Peter, and as we publicly opposed the pope?

Luther replied, “A brother ought first to be rebuked privately, especially if the fault is new and involves only a few people. But if the error is firmly rooted among many people, so that it’s not possible to approach every individual and admonish him separately, the error must be rebuked and refuted publicly.”

People owe it to the community to rebuke politicians and church leaders when they sin publicly.

Good Riddance

To the ‘influencers’ leaving Christianity.  Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

Signs of the Times

Quote of the Day

Regard is to be had to God alone…  A man generally either pleases or displeases him, whom he either seeks or does not seek to please. — Johann Albrecht Bengel

Jerome’s Preface to the Latin Version of the Old Testament

jeromeIn the preface to his translation, Jerome writes to those who would quibble with his work:

… if you are incredulous, read the Greek and Latin manuscripts and compare them with these poor efforts of mine, and wherever you see they disagree, ask some Hebrew (though you ought rather to place confidence in me), and if he confirm our view, I suppose you will not think him a soothsayer and suppose that he and I have, in rendering the same passage, divined alike.

Long Sermons

“How long do you intend to preach, pastor?”

R. Wurmbrand: “Until the listeners repent and turn to God.”

Zwingli’s Handwritten Copy of the Pauline Corpus

1172956You can take a look at it here.  You can even download the entire work.

Zwingli copied it from an edition of the Greek New Testament found in the library at Einsiedeln in 1517.  It includes some nifty marginal notes.